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March 10th, 2010, 16:33
Due to budget and hardware restrictions, I tend to play older games, long after any hysteria or 'buzz' has evaporated. One result of this is that I start the game with no or low expectations. And a result of this is that games with negative reviews at the time of their release, can pleasantly surprise me. So far, that is exactly what Konung has done.

It took me a bit to get myself into the mindset of the game. Printing out the manual and a walk-through definitely helped get me started. The slow pace of movement started to drive me crazy until I started using the speed keys. I found the pace of the game itself very relaxing. I never feel I have to run to one spot or rush to finish a certain mission. You have a lot of freedom in how you explore the world and partially because of that freedom, Konung reminds me a little bit of (some people will choke on this) of Darklands.

The town management adds a new twist (after I figured out how it worked). The combat may seem simple, but there is strategy involved in how you manage the combat(tactics).

I'm not trying to write a review, I'm not good at the kind of thing, but I thought I might post something so that those with similar low expectations might give Konung a second look.

I hope Konung 3 gets a US release
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