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Default Mass Effect 2 - Firewalker and Appearance Pack DLC Released

March 24th, 2010, 20:42
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
Then at some point I suddenly imagined that I was standing across the room staring at myself spending hours doing all that dull scanning, slooooowly moving the mouse around and … man… did I feel like an idiot!
Heh. Yeah, I'm not sure resource-scanning every planet was worth it… I could simply approach each one, read the description, contemplate the surface/atmosphere, check for anomalies, and leave.

@Arhu: The ME2 bonus for a lot of credits was actually extra resources!

On topic: The "New Content Available" button keeps redirecting me to "Checkout" as if I was actually trying to buy the Apperance Pack. Stop it, I'm not buying, all right?

Hint: In Cerberus News it's called "Apperance Pack 1"
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March 25th, 2010, 00:10
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
I want more.
  • Mouse wheel support in menus.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to access menu items like journal, skills etc.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to change weapons.
  • Correct tooltips for keyboard shortcuts (they only show the defaults, which doesn't help much when the keys are remapped
  • No limit of savegame slots (they are limited to 50 - had to overwrite a lot).
  • Custom names for savegames in addition to the automatic naming.
  • Fix of or option to change the FOV. It was ok for cutscenes, but for the shooting/exploring parts it needs to be increased, at least in the PC version.
  • Improved minigames. Planet scanning with a mouse didn't work out too well. Way too much movement required.
Lol, I just wanted a DLC worth of fixes. What you have there is a a full expansion worth of fixes probably at about $40.

All very good points though and I would love to see them patched in to the game.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Are you sure it's not your framerate?
Nah, I have a Core 2 Quad at 3.4GHZ and a GTX285. Even with AA on the game doesn't go below 40FPS (from memory as I haven't played in ages).
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Mass Effect 2 - Firewalker and Appearance Pack DLC Released
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