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Default Why is Gothic 3 branded "BAD" ?

August 11th, 2010, 01:55
Originally Posted by curious View Post
also in regards to community…(and a bit off topic)
i don't buy games made by players. they are not the ones with the ideas nor the initial creativity nor the countless hours spent which they had to be hired and proven capable of doing. if you look at the average score for mount and blade warband on gamespot over 400 people have given it an 8.8 score, yet if you look at a review of 1.0 what does the gamer say? devs are stealing mod ideas and its not worth it. to me this is the mentality of many modders or at least heavy users of them. modding has its place but without the countless hours of creativity and hard work modders would have nothing. many people are good mechanics but try building a car from nothing but nuts and bolts.
Game modders (and mod users) are humans like we all. It's natural to find a few douchebags among them just like among any other group. Modding also happens to be a common stepping stone into game industry for many and a hobby for equally as many who already work there, so the basic skillset required to be succesful is the same as in games industry. Condemning modders on the basis of being modders may seem like a sane thing to you, but to me it's just as silly as some people condemning jews or elephant trainers or toilet duck salesmen purely on the basis of being jews or elephant trainers or toilet duck salesmen.
Edit: By the way. While there are modders who seem to think otherwise all games include an EULA, that basically makes any usermade content either illegal or the property of dev and/or publisher and rightfully so in my opinion.
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August 21st, 2010, 11:43
I'm playing G3 with 1.74 patch and loving it. I tried to play the vanilla version a few years ago, but it just wouldn't run well on my old machine, plus I was already too vested in Oblivion and NWN2 at the time.

That said, with a newer machine and patches, G3 is easily one of the better rpgs I have ever played. It still looks beautiful 4 years later and looks and feels more realistic than other rpgs that have been released during the last year or two (I've played Risen, DA:O, Divinity 2 and Drakensang). The world feels alive to me. I also like the fact that the map and quest guide don't hold your hand…you actually have to explore to find things…something that Oblivion and other recent rpgs lack.

People gave up on Gothic 3 because a lot of machines could not properly run the game at its time of release…and there were a lot of bugs. Even though I gave up on the game 4 years ago, I could see there was something very special about it. I'm glad I'm revisiting it with a better gaming rig and with community patches. It really is a gem of a game, in my humble opinion.
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August 21st, 2010, 17:40
Originally Posted by curious View Post

so the moral of that story is yes i lothe the gothic 3 community patches and while i expect few to agree with that, as long as the pirahnas stay in business, people can mod all they want , since the pirahnas longevity proves they know what they are doing, though of course are not perfect.
I expect very few to agree with you because gothic3 was in horrible state still after the official patches. It wasn't a fun game to play due to unbalanced gameplay, horrible ai, broken gameplay mechanics and tons of bugs. Pb and jw released 2 or 3 patches but those only fixed the most glaring issues like memory leaks. They plugged a leaking dam while cp team rebuilt the whole dam. Luckily for us pb's groundwork was solid quality.

I read your rant many times over and still it makes very little sense to me. Modding is what kept g3 alive, modding is what made g3 almost a game that it was supposed to be. And modding still continues. Heck I'm quite positive that g3 sold few extra copies because of this cp-project. I just can't understand how can you loathe guys who whose work made so many gamers happy. No one is trying to steal pb's credits for creating gothic saga. Its just so unfortunate that they ran out of time with g3.

Besides these days modding is a gateway for people to get a job at the game industry. Surely some kind of degree is needed too, but a successfull mod project in your resume doesn't hurt either.
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