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March 30th, 2017, 10:59
Share your unit here guys
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March 30th, 2017, 11:21
current generation core i5, get unlocked version

next to current Ti nVidia card, manufactured by Gigabyte

the best bang for your buck SSD you can get

get a stronger PSU than you need, 100W or 150W more than you need

if you're filthy rich get a warped borderless too
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March 30th, 2017, 13:32
Bot alert and it's march, we can't possibly know what hardware will appear and what performance will have in next 9 months.

Unless one wants the fastest (and most expensive) rig which will always have a price only hotel owners should accept, buying a PC today is a bad idea because upcoming hardware very soon will be cheaper than existing offering same or almost the same performance.

If one is buying PC today however for some reason (rig farted, switching from nintendo to PC, moved out of a country for a longer time, etc) then a bit more details on what luj1 said:

- a case ment for gaming, means 2-3 fans built-in

- PSU not less than 550W (google for best ones, usually EVGA or Corsair)

- Intel's i5 7600K CPU with a decent many USB ports motherboard (socket LGA 1151), note that you won't fail if you buy any "older" i5 CPU, all rock, also note that you don't need to buy K version if you don't want to overclock CPU (and you don't need to overclock CPU, don't listen to people who are buying unoptimized garbage games then must overclock to have 25 instead 10 frames per second in such rubbish)

- 16 Gb RAM (8 is currently enough for everything, but in a couple of years 16 could become "standard")

- as many SSD with as much size you can, cheapest ones as they're all good and you won't notice any difference in performance although benchmarks do show some microseconds whatnot; do not buy internal HDD

- cheapest K+M, once those break, buy next cheapest ones

- GPU: either RX 470 or 480, but if you can afford GTX 1070 go for it at 1080/1440p resolution, for 4K… Wait, it's gaming, what 4K are we talking about then

- any monitor that allows more than 60Hz refresh, not saying you must buy VG248QE, but it's probably the best and cheapest 1080p option currently

- one or more external HDD with at least 1Tb (backup, backup) and one external DVD drive

- airlive stopped their wifi gadget production, two from Alfa I had to throw away (random disconnects not noticeable unless you play MMOs) so go for Asus USB N14, it doesn't disconnect sporadically, works miracles through walls and you can still unscrew one of two antennas and connect TP-link's 24dBi Grid Parabolic Antenna if the distance to router is 5 kilometres

- for teamspeak chatty grab sennheiser, 'nuff said, if not possible google for "the best" other options

- do not buy webcam, especially now US government decided all your base data belong to them

Most important:
if something is advertised as gaming, do not buy that even in dreams! It's the same shit as everything else, only in new wrapping and with much bigger price.
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March 30th, 2017, 16:36
I only share my unit with my wife

I just bought:

iBUYPOWER - Desktop - Intel Core i7/7700K - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 - 240GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive - Black/red

Model: BB931

I had a coupon, so I think I paid around $1500 for it. It screams for the type of gaming I do. I've only played ESO and Skyrim on it so far. I'm far too lazy to build one myself nowadays. I work in IT for a living, so the last thing I want to do is open up a computer case when I get home.
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