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June 26th, 2010, 20:22
Hi, I am czech and here is something about this game: http://games.cinemax.cz/inquisitor

I finished this game and its power is in story, texts and original idea.
This game was not created for massive bussines. It is project which was made almost as voluntary work. That is why it takes so long and why there did not have to be english version originally.
In the day of release it costed 666 czech crowns ( you can get 3 game magazines for that ).

But back to gameplay. It works on clues which you follow until you have enough evidence to arrest them (torture them) and when they confess to save their souls by burning them.

in combat you need to consume potions (health, stamina, mana and special ones), because your enemies are strong ( it is not shame to choose easy difficult).
There are not things like teleports in diablo 2. In first act there is really long dungeon that can pissed you off, but there is thing called "magic box" that contains djinn who can heal you, offer you trade, teleport to location where you were before (but not back then) or help you in fight. This magic box is rare and expensive item.

There are 3 characters.

Paladin - knight of Brotherhood of rightful ones. Typical warrior who is best with weapons, armors and shields, can repaire his items, have passive abilities to survive, active - defense stance, god strike, learn about enemy.

Priest - Mage. There is no better wizard. Passive - Holy aura (makes you harder to be hit), flagellation (you get less damage), dominancy (you can bully people better)
wisdom (spells need less mana).
active - alchemy (you can mix potions and you get greater benefits from them)
mana regeneration (you spent stamina for mana)
aspect - you can see a spiritual world (you can see hidden creatures and your spells are more powerful)

Thief - it was nobleman once. He can get his rights back now.
passive - speech, dodge, ambush (better attacks from behind)
active - stealth, pickpocketing, lockpicking, magic attacks

You can get promotion in every act that give you more rights accordingly who character are you playing.

I am sorry for my mistakes in english. If you have some questions just ask me.
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June 27th, 2010, 01:52
Thanks for posting.

A handful of us have it preordered, so we understand it isn't a mainstream game. I can also live with the delays - though the poor communication is a real barrier. Take the page you listed - it still shows a preorder bonus for orders placed before Dec 31st 2009. Six months isn't enough time to update the page?
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