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January 12th, 2007, 20:30
KazikluBey - I actually enjoyed HoMM4 quite a bit. Most people didn't like the heroes entering battle, or being able to make redicilously power armies consisting only of heroes and no actual units. I, however, enjoy the variation. Making every game identical will eliminate the fun in them, as you might as well just play the "best" of the almost identical versions (for most people, that would be replaying HoMM3 over and over and over).
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January 13th, 2007, 03:16
is there any real change between v3 and v5? For reference, upgrade-able units would be an example of real change between v2 and v3. Based on limited time with the demo, it looks like heroes in combat and the initiative stack (which I like) may be the only real changes which might not be enough to justify the purchase.
There are some changes, but IMHO like I said nothing that makes the game better….. just worse. One really neat idea they did have though is to give all the units a special ability! They didn't balance it out however and it creates many problems, if you use this special ability right, you can do a lot better in many battles. Could have been great had they but more work into it!

Some hero-buildts unbalanced the multiplayer part (combat heroes were able to destruct large armys with a dozen black dragons alone / well, it's called Heroes and not Creatures of Might & Magic )
The graphic in Heroes 4 was a big step down IMHO, it doesn't matter that much for a strategy game though. The largest problem is the one you mentioned… and this is not only a problem in Multiplayer…. my hero completed the main campaign by himself LOL…. that is right I didn't use any units. It was an enormous problem the idea with heroes entering the battle was nice and all…… but it eliminated the need for any units! 3DO was on the brink of going bye bye at this time, so probably they just didn't have the time to do the balancing the game really needed.
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January 13th, 2007, 03:25
I liked HoMM4 as well, but it isn't a game I've gone back and replayed like 3--I actually liked many of the ideas, tho, like the caravans- and had fun with it on a one-time through play.

AFA is there anything really different in H5, I think it does have a few improvements as well as the defects of 3D. I liked the new skill system, which allows you to build a hero toward an "ultimate skill"--the ranger's is Nature's Luck, which gives you triple damage on a luck hit. The battlefield grid allows you to place your units before battle like the old tactics skill, the Inferno faction has a skill called gating which allows your troops to gate in other demons(double your cerberi,double your fun), the Sylvan faction outTolkiens Tolkien with pointy-earedness, and the Necromancers have a fat zombie.

What more can I say?

There were also things I didn't like, such as the Town Portal spell being much less effective. Not all of the ultimate skills were especially "ultimate" and it takes a very large map or campaign to acheive them, plus the interface is somewhat clunky especially at first, etc.
I have definitely written enough --as always,in the end it boils down to personal taste. I don't know if they made a demo for Homm5 or not, but if so, that might be a way to check it out.-
Edit-OOps, you have the demo-my bad.

Edit--sorry to echo some of your post GG-posted at same time-I remember that H4 campaign! My hero was wiping out dragons.
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January 13th, 2007, 16:11
Looks like I should wait for a silver/gold edition to hit the bargain bins and then see if the mood strikes me. Thank you all for the info. The discussion of v4, which I didn't buy based on the community outrage I heard, was informative as well.
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