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Default The Witcher 2 - Preview @ Worthplaying

July 20th, 2010, 06:49
Worthplaying previews The Witcher 2 based on the E3 demo they say from Atari. No new information but they seem positive about what they saw:
The first thing that jumps out about the game is the camera switch. Everything looks a lot smoother, as CDProjekt Red has replaced the Neverwinter Nights' Aurora Engine with an original engine that revises all sorts of small and large elements of the game's five acts. The results also seek to have the world significantly change as a result of player actions and morality (or lack thereof), from wide to small details. The Witcher 2 uses full background loading to shorten load times and ensure that environments and cut scene switches occur quickly.
More information.
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July 20th, 2010, 06:49
The screens are outstanding, great art direction - and the changes to Geralt look less pronounced here. Quick time events - oh well, if they are gonna have Boss fights, they might as well go all the way with them I suppose (can't be worse than the chapter 1 beast in TW, really), but I hope we still have a solid ARPG combat system underneath all that.
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