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September 9th, 2010, 06:24
Rock, Paper, Shotgun has the latest Jack Emmert interview on Neverwinter. Contrary to the last article, this time he emphasises the old-school connection, though I get the feeling they haven't actually documented the entire design yet:
RPS: So whatís the philosophy for this new game? Youíve mentioned in other interviews how differently the company is approaching Neverwinter, so how does that manifest in the design?
Emmert: We want to make an old-school tactical Western RPG. We want to get back to the roots of Neverwinter and we want to taste the strategies of those D&D games where you have to manoeuvre around, select your abilities carefully, and so forth. Itís not turn-based, and itís not isometric, but that old school model was our focus to start with. Secondly we wanted the game to be immersive, so we want the experience to be inspired by games like Oblivion and Dragon Age, and to take a cue from fantasy products that created incredible worlds to delve into. Thirdly we wanted it to genuinely represent a D&D experience! We looked at the 4th Edition rules and tried to make sure that we could bring that alive as much as was possible with our tools.
RPS: So tell me about the player experience. How different is it to previous Crpytic MMOs? Still got the splendid character creators?
Emmert: Well you start with character creation of course, and there are customisation tools for that, and character creation is based on D&D 4th Editionís process. After that you will probably face a tutorial level, which we have yet to build! And then you will enter into the world of Neverwinter. Once you are through that you will enter one of a number of persistent zones. Now these are much smaller in terms of population, it wonít be the same numbers of people weíve seen in previous games from us, itíll be just a few score. So itís enough that you will run into others, but it wonít feel crowded. The focus here is on the co-op RPG experience, so we want you to be able to meet new people, or meet with friends, but then get on with adventuring. You will get to that from the persistent zones, although these contain storylines too. Some missions will take you into instances off of these persistent zones, and sometimes you will just stumble across them. It depends.
More information.
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September 9th, 2010, 06:24
Originally Posted by Dhruin
Contrary to the last article, this time he emphasises the old-school connection, though I get the feeling they haven't actually documented the entire design yet:
No disagreement here. But what I think he's getting at is Borderlands type play fits into the original mold of the PnP style. He's said for certain in this article that he went back to original design idea of NWN1 (with the exception of the DM) and this is completely contrary to what Bioware has been doing since they first started their focus group market research and testing usage statistics.

Its not a bad model, 5 players is more licenses sold that one, just as every kids movie sells at least two tickets. Bio failed to do this with NWN1 but Blizzard didn't with Diablo, and niether did Half-Life, Unreal, Quake..

But you know what? All those games had PvP as an option.
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