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September 10th, 2010, 02:08
GameBanshee is next along with a Neverwinter interview, featuring Jack Emmert and PR guy Ivan Sulic. Here's a snip on soloing, although Jack isn't keen to embrace solo play:
In the preliminary information you've released, you mention AI-controlled allies. Is there a minimum party size required in order to tackle any of the game's quests? Or can a player take on most or even all content solo if they choose to?

Jack: I'd like to emphasize that, while you can play solo, we're building the gameplay experience around party play (just like D&D 4e is), and henchmen fill the roles of missing friends in your party (so you can experience the cooperative aspects of the game etc.).
More information.
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September 10th, 2010, 02:08
bunch of meaty stuff here

Will our characters be saved locally or will they be on a closed server? If you choose to go the latter route, how do you intend to deal with player-created content that offers much greater experience and loot rewards than you'd like players to have access to?

Jack: Everything is on the server; you need to be online to play. Thereís no offline play whatsoever.

As for the rewards and the user generated content, thatís something we talk about a lot internally. I know I donít want to create an abusable system, but at the same time, I want to make sure people have fun.
that will prevent some cheating but what about custom classes and characters through Forge?

As the game is focused on cooperative gameplay, can you give us an idea of how players will group up for an adventure? Are you implementing any specific community features that you feel will make the game stand out from a standard MMORPG and/or make it feel more like the tabletop experience while online?

Jack: All missions should be joinable by your friends at any point for some reward, even if they've played it before and level should not be a barrier.
exploit waiting to happen

Will there be a random element to quests and dungeons in order to make a play-through with an alternate character at least somewhat different?

Jack: Yes! The zones themselves will have dynamic events that are triggered by players and external events that will randomly involve characters as the progress through the game.

The puzzles in the dungeons themselves have random elements that will require at least some thinking and exploration to solve even if the overall form of the puzzle is similar.
not sure what to think about randomness in the gameplay. similiarly:

What approach are you taking toward the game's item system? Are you taking them straight out of the sourcebooks or hand-crafting most of them yourselves (Emmert's Scimitar of Slaying)? Can we expect to see vorpal blades and other iconic D&D artifacts?

Jack: D&D 4th edition is our guide to items. Weíre utilizing their system almost exactly, though weíve thrown in classics that date back to my day (1st edition).

We've got your iconic relic items, but also a dynamic algorithmic system with endless possibilities.
starting to sound like Diablo

I realize the game is still fairly early in development, but can you venture a guess as to how many spells, skills, and feats we'll have access to when the game ships? Are you introducing any custom spells, skills, or feats of your own?

Jack: The vast majority of things are inspired by D&D, though we have thrown in some of our making. As for number, Iíll ballpark 300+ spells, skills, feats and boons.
good info

Will the game have enough adventure content to get us to level 20 when it ships? What about epic content beyond level 20?

Jack: The game at launch will focus only on the Heroic tier, so you'll be able to get to level 10.
people are not going to be happy with level 10. they are going to get there too fast.

Will you be introducing standard encumbrance rules to the game? If so, will we have access to a bank or personal stash to stow away excess items we'd rather not sell?

Jack: By standard, Iíll take it to mean inventory slots rather than the old fashioned D&D method! Yes, weíll have slots and bags and plenty of places for your excess stuff.
there's a non-answer that needs clarification if I ever heard it.
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September 10th, 2010, 03:17
Well, to me this sounds pretty much like WoW with the devs pointing out little differences here and there. It's all going to come down to how well it's executed, but I'm getting less and less interested the more I hear.

I really enjoyed WoW years ago when I had more time. I was never extremely dedicated to it, and the fact that there was a lot to solo was the main thing that kept me into it. I just don't have an interest in an MMO. Heh, unless this one gets really, really great reviews, that is.
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