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October 2nd, 2010, 02:32
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Does that mean I can dismiss Oblivion on the fact that it had bad German VO and incomprehensible Text descriptions, wrong translations and enigmatic abbrevations?

I NEVER saw anyone putting forward this argument or calling it "relevant", because these errors were part of the localisation process which was done by Take2 - and were not Bethesda's fault.
If that's your experience with it, absolutely! What difference does it make it make whose "fault" it is? Does it somehow make the game good that the faults came from Take 2, rather than Bethsoft?

Personally, VO is a low priority for me but the underlying writing was so outrageously poor - along with the gameplay - that I couldn't play it. I don't really see how the ludicrous storyline would be better in any language.
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October 2nd, 2010, 03:25
Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
I think developer and publisher are right about worrying and their delay. Because, if you have a solid product in your hand, you don't want to mess that with wrong marketing. In our capitalist world, marketing is everything at the right time at the right place. Many people who visited this site will buy this game, I'm sure about that. But, in order to earn money and cover your expenses (and also to find money and courage to make new games) you must sell your game. And not only to the RPG fans, you must reach to the casual players. Because, it's these casual gamers' money that decides if there will be any sequel or not, not us RPGamers. We are thousands, while they are millions.
Main success of games like BG, Dragon Age or Oblivion was that they could be sold to these casual gamers.
Anyway, waiting is hard, but I hope the final product will deserve our patience. And I hope pirates won't act faster than publisher. If you remember the case with Venetica last year, its' publisher in the English territories was 'Reloaded' I hope any of these early releases in other countries won't include english voice overs and subtitles.
Then they should delay the marketing, not the release. The RPG fans will buy it now, the casual gamers will pick up on it in January when the marketing kicks in. I doubt the developer is thrilled about waiting three more months for revenue.
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