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December 4th, 2010, 00:07
A bit of pie-in-the-sky musing at IGN who, having decided Borderlands 2 is "inevitable", put together some improvements they'd like:
Borderlands had four classes to choose from, but they never felt very customizable within their talent trees. Each class had only one specific power, and the other, passive abilities they had didn't do enough to make any one version of a class feel differentiated from another of the same type. For Borderlands 2 we'd love to see deeper talent trees, more akin to World of Warcraft or Diablo, where the points we spend when we level create a version of our class that feels truly specialized. Extra classes would always be cool too, but we'd settle for four core classes that could be developed into more sharply defined sub-classes via our choices.
More information.
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December 4th, 2010, 00:07
Im going to have to say a better story.Other than that get rid of the cell shading.
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December 6th, 2010, 16:55
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Other than that get rid of the cell shading.
Absolutely not! It's what gave that game a lot of personality and helped it stand out from the crowd. Also, it let them do a lot of fun things with the art style that you couldn't have done with "realistic"graphics.

I think I can agree with most of the article though, all good points, except more vehicle combat. I didn't think the vehicle combat was good enough that I'd want to see more of it. Knoxx had a lot of driving in it and it was rather boring. A few driving areas for flavor is good, becoming Road Rash 2(3? 4? how many of those are there?) not so much.

Better character skill trees would be #1 on my list. Also, you get so many character points there's not a lot of choices to be made. I have to admit, WoW is still the king of character trees.

Maybe I'm dreaming but a PC centric UI ( all the text on fits on the screen, drag & drop, etc) would be a big improvement. Heck, even a PC centric options menu ( widescreen FOV!! ) was sorely lacking. Thankfully the ini editor tool from the community was a big help but that's not something the community should have to provide.
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