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Default Mass Effect - Evolution Comic Preview

January 5th, 2011, 23:20
The BioBlog has a preview of Evolution, a new 4-part comic book series from Dark Horse set in the Mass Effect universe. Head over for some blurb and seven panels from the comic.
More information.
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January 5th, 2011, 23:20
If ME2 was a comic instead of game, its "story" would have seemed much less moronic when displayed as a nice, pretty, superficial struggle packaged into easily digestible cells.

(Recap of ME2 story: Dur, Reapers is evil, dun stealin' humans, no worries 'cause Shepurd is resurrected Savior of Universe, but no way to get to Reapers, sad face, but wait, galactic news reports ultra-rare Reaper device found floating in space, now super easy to get to ultra-secret Reaper base, ultra-lucky break!, perhaps we should tell Reapers it bad idea to leave most valuable item floating in space? nah they reaper what they sow, lolz, roflbbq, mental note: must use that line on them before killing them, anywho, now Shep, he dun smashers Reapers' big robot-human being built for no actual reason, har har, Reapers' cry metallic tear as their pet project is ruined, alas, we barely knew him/it, ancient hyper-intelligent machines now foiled! galaxy now at rest, last Reaper-human is now in captivity, err, destroyed.)

…So, yeah, perhaps all future ME stuff should be comics.
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