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January 22nd, 2011, 22:44
Hello, everyone,

finding out that the spell names received quite strange sounding names for the English-language manual, I'm trying to translate them, to give you an inside of how they sound originally.

English - German

- Eye Of Eagle, Ear Of Lynx - Eagleeye Lynxear

- Aerofugo Vacuum - Aerofugo Vakuum

- Fastness Of Body - Armatrutz (from arma -> "armor", kind of, and "trutz" from "trotzen", which is to defy, to outdare in English)

- Attributio Courage - Atrributo Mut (Same with all other Attribut(i) spells : the English name has an "i" added)

- Move As The Lightning - Axxeleratus Blitzgeschwind ("Blitzgeschwind" could indeed be roughly translated as "Speed of lightning")

- Balm Of Healing - Balsam Salabunde (an ingenious Elven spell, the humans lerned it from them)

- Lightning Find You ! - Blitz Dich Find ! (Same, no explanation or translation needed)

- Cold Shock - Corpofrigo Kälteschock ("corpo" from "corpus", latin or pseudo ltin, and "frigo" from German "frieren" = "to freeze" or "frost" = "frost"; the word "Kälteschock is = "cold shock")

- Summon Djinn - Dschinnenruf ("call for a djinn", roughly translated; modern variant would be "dial-a-djinn" or so )

- Duplicatus double vision - Duplicatus Doppelbild ("Bild" is usually translated as a "picture", and "doppel" = "double")

- Ecliptifactus Shadow Force - Ecliptifactus Schattenkraft (same, no further bla needed)

- Restore Attributes - Eigenschaften Wiederherstellen (same)

- Iron Rust Rot - Eisenrost und Patina ("Eisenrost" = "iron rust" and "patina" is the thin layer of oxidation on metals; for example, copper gets a green "patina" over the time, as it corrodes, hence the spells means "the metal shall rust and corrode !", implicitely)

- Ice Cold Warrior - Eiseskälte Kämpferherz ("Coldness Of Ice - Warriorheart", this is the literal translation of the German spell name)

- Elemental Minion - Elementarer Diener ("Diener" = "Servant", in TDE, EVERY minor elemental is called a "Djinn"; there are Djinns of the water, of the fire etc. … and an indirect report is there indicatibng that there once must have also been Djinns of the "seventh element", and that is the Astral Energy)

- Hawkeye Markmanship - Falkenauge Meisterschuß ("Hawkeye Master's Shot")

- Dancing Sparcle Swarm - Favilludo Funkentanz ("Funken" are sparks - and the word "Tanz" means "dance")

- Light in The Darkness - Flim Flam Funkel ("funkeln" means originally "to sparcle")

- Foramen Foraminor - Foramen Foraminor

- Thunderbolt - Fulminictus Donnerkeil (also shortened as "Fulmen"; "Donner" = "thunder" and "Keil" originally = "wedge" or "ridge" - so in principle it's just a Thunderbolt, yes)

- Gardianum Magic Shield - Gardianum Zauberschild (same)

- Master Of Animals - Herr über das Tierreich (essentially the same, only in other words)

- A Helpful Paw - Hilfreiche Tatze (same, only the article is mising in the German-language version)

- Horriphobus Phantasm - Horriphobus Schreckgestalt ("Schrecken" = "horror" or "terror", a "gestalt" is a "shape" of a body; the word "Gestalt" is normally *not* used for things that are not bodies [of animals or of humans], although it is sometimes used as a term in arts as well; the essence of this is to let the spellcaster's body appear like a horrifying creature, phantasm, whatever, so that the attacker flees, because of the terror this distortion evokes)

- Ignifaxius Burst Of Flame - Ignifaxius Flammenstrahl (almost the same; one could translate "Strahl" as "stream"; this is the "flamethrower spell" of the Drakensang spells, so to say)

- Ignisphaero Fireball - Ignisphaero Feuerball (same)

- Clarum Purum - Klarum Purum (from "klar" = "clear", essetially meaning "to clear something [up]")

- Culmination Ball Of Lightning - Kulmination Kugelblitz (this is what is originally meant : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning )

- Paralysis Stiff As Stone - Paralysis Starr Wie Stein (is I think the same; formerly "Paralü Paralein" until 4th edition rules, which changed quite a lot of spell names and took their rhyming completely away; the result of this spell is actually turning a person into stone; the effect is represented much more drastic in the ROA Trilogy than it is in Drakensang)

- Plumbumbarum Heavy Arm - Pkumbumbarum Schwerer Arm (same; refers to the chemical name of the element Lead (Pb) )

- Psychic Focus - Psychostabilis (sounds slightly distorted; the correct translation would be "Psychic/mental stability", in this sense)

- Calm Body, Calm Spirit - Ruhe Körper, Ruhe Geist" (same with he exception of "Ruhe", ich can be translted as "calmness" or as "tranquility" or as "rest"; the translation of "Rest Body, Rest Mind/spirit" would be the most correct one I almost assume)

- Meek You Be - Sanftmut (can be translated as "Meekness", as "Gentleness"; the translator used "Meekness", but formed it like a command like in Paralysis)

- Elvenword Silkenspeech - Seidenzunge Elfenwort (same except "Silkentongue", so to say)

- See True And Pure - Sensibar Empathicus (another quite distorted spell name; "sensibar" could come from the English "to be sensitive", and "Empathicus" is just "empathy"; the result of this spell is, according to the German-language handbook, to "sense the feelings/emotions and the moods of the other one"; naturally, if you are empathically gifted (like the Elves are) )

- Skeletarius - Skelettarius (a dark spell that normally only Black Mages and Necromants use and which would in most aventurian towns normally result in an instant ban of the spellcaster !)

- Sleep Of A Thousand Sheep - Somnigravis Tiefer Schlaf (funny name, I must admit, but the correct translation is a bit different : "Somnigravis Deep Sleep" - I see in the Wiki right now that the TDE 3 name of this spell was indeed a bit different (including rhyming, which is gone from the 4th edition on) : "Somnigravis Thousand Sheep - Sink Down In Deep Sleep !")

- Tlaluc's Pestilencial Breath - Tlalucs Odem Pestgestank ("Odem" = a terribly ancient and outdated form of "breath", and "Pestgestank" could be translated as "Pest Stink"; I really don't know who Tlaluc was …)

The River Of Time has one one additional spell :

- Rescindere (German name) - I don't know how it is called in the English-language trnslation.

There are also miracles of the God of Phex, and rituals of the Geodes (the Geode is the most original form of a so-called "Sumu Priest" from which all aventurian Druids developed).

“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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January 27th, 2011, 21:10
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
- Fastness Of Body - Armatrutz (from arma -> "armor", kind of, and "trutz" from "trotzen", which is to defy, to outdare in English)
Actually armatrutz has nothing to do with armor. Arma is Latin for weapons. So the name would mean "Defy weapons" which makes a lot more sense than to defy armor.

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
- Cold Shock - Corpofrigo Kälteschock ("corpo" from "corpus", latin or pseudo ltin, and "frigo" from German "frieren" = "to freeze" or "frost" = "frost"; the word "Kälteschock is = "cold shock"))
Frigus is the Latin word for coldness, iciness. "Frieren" and "freeze" probably have it as its root.
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January 27th, 2011, 21:28
And in TRoT there is also new Geode spells and thief (Miracles) spells.

Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus
In case somebody is interested, here are the new spells. miracles and special abilities in the game.

Geode's Spells

Thief's Miracles

New Special Abilities

New spell for all:
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