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Default canīt quit the game….

August 14th, 2011, 13:38
hi folks !
when i quit the game it keeps running in the background and i have to open task-manager to close it. when iīm having a break and want to log in again i often forget that and an error message pops up saying that precursors is already running.
what could cause this?

also i had some weird performance-issues. the game becomes unplayable all the sudden.happened first time is the desert village where i had to deliver an water-purifier.
but when i quit the game and log in again the frame-rate was back to normal.

… and yeah, i really canīt quit the game…
despite of all the problems it is an truly amazing game. canīt understand why this wasnīt released like it should be. i remember reading about the game in an local game-magazine and i got so hyped about it… after years of waiting,lowering my expectations, fighting with gamers-gate support for an serial-key,installing it three times to get the mods right …. after all this i wasnīt expecting much. but what i got is huge !

edit : just after posting this i see that there was already an thread about this… oh well, guess i need more coffee.not really awake yet… sorry !
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » Deep Shadows Games » The Precursors » canīt quit the game….
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