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February 24th, 2011, 15:51
I think it's fair to say Two Worlds II has one of the most convoluted roads to release of any game we've covered. According to Eurogamer, TopWare has confirmed a UK release - but it will be exclusively through Amazon.co.uk:
The good news: Two Worlds II will be released in the UK. The bad news: you won't be able to buy it in a high street shop.
Eurogamer can exclusively reveal that the UK version of Two Worlds II will now be an Amazon.co.uk online exclusive.
The release date has moved from this Friday, 25th February to this coming Tuesday, 1st March.
"TopWare Interactive is releasing the widely popular and highly anticipated Two Worlds II exclusively on Amazon in the UK on Tuesday, 1st of March, 2011," TopWare told Eurogamer. "Eager to get our game out to the RPG hungry masses, TopWare has decided to forego a retail release, and launch Two Worlds II solely on Amazon.com.
"If you had pre-ordered this award winning title elsewhere, they will not have stock as Amazon will be fulfilling all of the United Kingdom. Amazon will have all versions in stock, including the esteemed Royal Edition.
They also claim 2 million units sold.
While we're talking Two Worlds II, let's grab a ccouple of reviews. New Game Network (thanks, Blue's) says 81%:
The singleplayer portion of the game is a good length with the average playthrough taking 30-40 hours. If you rush through the game and stick to the storyline you can probably finish in as little of twenty hours, but this would be foolish to do since the best parts of the game are in the sidequests, and the later parts of the game will be incredibly difficult if you arenít high enough level. Once you finish the storyline you can continue completing sidequests in the game world. If you enjoy the gameplay you might think about a second playthrough focusing on a different skill. In addition to the robust singleplayer component is a fairly substantial multiplayer offering. Competitive modes like duels probably arenít worth your time, but the fairly lengthy co-op campaign can be a lot of fun if you play with friends. There isnít much of a story in this campaign, but the looting and fighting is as fun as ever.
On the other hand, Edge says 5/10 (at least, I think that's what the "5" is for at the end):
In fact, this exemplifies Two Worlds 2: fun concepts brought low by crummy execution. Hand-to-hand combat can benefit from skill-based flourishes, but rarely goes beyond crude whomping. Large plains hide crannies galore, though you navigate them atop a horse with the handling of a bus. 150 or so quests sounds like a great deal, until you realise that thereís little beyond fetch X or kill X of that.
Finally, Two Worlds Vault has Episode 8 of Sordahon's Journey.
More information.
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February 24th, 2011, 15:51
So no one is going to make a comment about how this game is cursed. Its like watching a day time soap opera. Or could it be with the UK reviewers calling it a big pile of poo?

There is a lesson to be learned be careful who is your publisher and dont trust Chinese company's to ship your games.

They also claim 2 million units sold.
Overseas importing and downloads helped that number also. I know people who imported it in September.
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February 24th, 2011, 16:35
One hopes that selling 2 million units (in Europe alone I believe) will mean they get a better publisher next time.

As for the Edge review I do admit the game's quest design could be better, especially the bulletin board stuff, but at the end of the day it's no 5 out of 10.
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February 24th, 2011, 17:40
I heard the game was a generic pile of crap and looked at it's gameplay on youtube.

It is.
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February 24th, 2011, 22:49
I wonder, how generic piles of crap look like … I think I must go out and ask a farmer about it, I'm sure any farmer has such a thing somewhere out there …
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