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March 25th, 2011, 14:14
IGN looks at the mage class in Reckoning, which apparently offers more butt-kicking than the average scholarly mage type:
Dual-wielding razor-edged throwing discs, called Chakram, the mage can be a force in combat even without the benefit of his spells. The combat is simple button presses with a system similar to Fable -- with a button dedicated to melee, one for ranged attacked and one for spells. While the mage's staff may not cleave enemies in half like a sword, it can have similar attack chains. The mage lacks a true warrior's strength, but not his skill at putting the beat-down on enemies.

And, like any character in Reckoning, the mage has access to fate-shift kills. These special finishing moves are rewards for effective use of combos and lead to brutal, cinematic kills of enemies. These end with a simple button mash to finish off an enemy, but fate-shift kills give that sense of combat superiority over an enemy. An odd feeling, for sure, for a mage in an RPG.
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March 25th, 2011, 14:14
Mage that use Chakram…Xena!

Also, the game doesn't have a class system, you can invest in all the "path" (called destiny here), although the preview make it sound really simplified: you just pump up the destiny and it unlock abilities…
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