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March 11th, 2011, 03:08
World of Darkness News will be at PAX here in Boston Friday and Sunday. We will be uploading the media, interviews, posting blogs and related content to the site at the end of every day. We will be updating our Twitter account (WoD_News) however at least once a hour or so with what we are seeing, hearing, rumors and the like. So follow us if you want the latest and do not want to wait for the blog posts, media uploads every night.

Most of the hot info, media will be for registered members only as a thank you to them. Thus the Gallery and the Blog page will not be accessible to unregistered visitors. So register/login if you want the latest as soon as it is posted or wait until next week when the media will go public.

And if you are going to PAX feel free to say hello, I will be the Victorian Goth dressed man!

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