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April 30th, 2011, 15:08
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
As somebody wrote on this site, where are the RPlayers gone?
They were all ganked.

I think that RPlayers are still there, they just aren't as vocals as the "l33t" players.
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April 30th, 2011, 18:57
sounds like some new console shit
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May 1st, 2011, 10:38
Let's not confuse "hardcore" with simply difficulty level.

The concept is more than that, and I'd say the most important aspect of the "hardcore" is how much they're willing to invest themselves in a game.

A game can be very, very easy - and yet require a shitton of investment to progress to the end. The hardcore is the person who does what it takes to get to the end, or who wants all the achievements - regardless of what it takes to get them. The hardcore player wants to get everything out, and so he's willing to put everything in.

Personally, I have zero doubt that if you want intricate mechanics and "deep" gameplay, you want to play PC games. However, such games are no longer AAA titles - but rather middle-market (PB, Obsidian, etc.) and indie titles.

Intricate mechanics and deep gameplay require a very specific kind of investment, and I'd say it's about things like patience and the ability to concentrate and focus. Mostly, though, it's about sheer curiousity.

There are, and have always been, hardcore console games that require such things - but I don't think the console market can compare to the PC market here. I'd say the typical hardcore console games are games like Ninja Gaiden or similarly demanding games. Such games are not primarily about mechanics or depth of gameplay. Like the old platformers, they're very much about trial and error, quick reactions, pattern recognition, and what not. A very different kind of challenge.

So, you'll get into trouble considering one platform stictly more hardcore than the other. They're both hardcore and they're both casual.

AAA titles have pretty much ALL become directed at the casual before the hardcore, and the console market is where it's at. So in that specific way, there are MANY more casual gamers on consoles. However, if we move away from AAA titles and include MMOs or the "Farmville" genre - I think we have way more casual gamers on the PC. In the end, it's not a simple thing to measure - and why would we even care?

You could almost say the mainstream market is the console market, if we're talking about AAA SP games. But that doesn't necessarily mean that all mainstream gamers are casual.

I'm sure there are many console gamers out there with hardcore tendencies, who want to get everything out of even the most casual games. You can be a hardcore gamer with a casual game - in my opinion.

Probably, that's why I like to use the word "enthusiast". I'm an enthusiast gamer, but I'm enthusiastic only about certain kinds of games. I wouldn't get far in a platformer or Ninja Gaiden at all - because I think developing a skillset for such games is worthless to me - because I'm bored playing




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