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May 21st, 2011, 03:02
Basilisk's Thomas Riegsecker has been interviewed at Gaming Irresponsibly about developing indie RPGs and their approach. Here's a snip on Book III:
There hasnít been any news regarding Book III lately. Without any spoilers, what are some of the concepts that you think will go into its development?
With Book III, we are looking at what made the first two games successful and build upon those elements. While that seems like an obvious response, the truth is that itís often difficult for developers to acknowledge this and give current fans ďmore of what they wantĒ instead of pushing the gameplay in a new direction, looking to acquire a larger audience.
Iíve always said that Eschalon is not intended to be a ground-breaking reinvention of the role-playing genre. On the contrary, we want to make a solid, memorable, and thoroughly enjoyable game built on the established fundamentals of what made those classic RPGs so fun.
Book III will feature more of everything our fans love- hundreds of additional items, more quests, more puzzles, and more story. We will further balance character stats and skills using feedback gathered from Book II. Players can expect a multitude of hidden areas and secrets that will take months to uncover. Book III is the final game in the trilogy and we want this to be a fulfilling ending for everyone who has gone on this journey with us.
And finally, we will be releasing some of our development tools as well, so that players can work on their own maps and share them with the community. This, more than anything, is what I am looking forward to: playing maps made by other people!
More information.
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May 21st, 2011, 03:02
I'm really looking forward to Book 3. I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 and 2 - some of the most engaging, though flawed, RPGs I've played. All those sleepless days…

And Thomas is all class. I remember getting pissy because I hadn't received my codes for the games - turns out I entered the wrong email address, but he was really patient throughout. Two thumbs up for this indie developer's customer support and great games!
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