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May 25th, 2011, 01:07
GameBanshee has a review of Cinemax' Numen, the hack'n'slasher released some time back. There's a fair bit of criticism but the game can be picked up for $2-ish on sale, which makes it more palatable. On using skills:
The mechanics of the game are also a little bit strange. Each class gets a handful of skills they can learn, and your god can also teach you some skills, but sort of annoyingly skills have a double cost, both in energy and stamina. Energy is basically the same as what you see in other games (where it's sometimes called mana), but the idea behind stamina is unique to Numen. Your stamina total determines how quickly you regenerate health, and if you run out of stamina, then you stop regenerating altogether. The annoying part is that the only way to replenish your stamina is to rest at a campfire, but you only find one or two campfires per map, and every time you rest, enemies respawn. So the only way to really make progress in the game is to avoid your skills as much as possible, which makes the frequent battles sort of tedious, since you mostly just click on an enemy once to initiate the battle and then twiddle your thumbs for a while until it's over. I've never played an action RPG before where the developer tried so hard to make the game less fun to play.
More information.
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May 25th, 2011, 01:07
This was a terrrible game.
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May 25th, 2011, 11:09
Originally Posted by szokol View Post
This was a terrrible game.
… because?
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