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May 31st, 2011, 01:55
EmpathyMU :: Server Information
Server Name:EmpathyMU
Server Versioneason IV
The Server is hosted in:United Kingdoom
Experience & Items drop rate: 9999x & 75%
Bless Bug:Off
Monsters HP:0%
Soul success rate with no luck & Soul success rate with Luck:40% & 80%
Life Success Rate:90%
Chaos Machine Success Rates +10 ; +11 ; +12 ; +13:90% ; 80% ; 70% ; 60%
Maximum Item Level & Option:+13 & +28 Points Per Level (Normal):10
Points Per Level (Magic Gladiator & Dark Lord):14 Reset type:keep points
Maximum Stats Points:32000
Reset level:400
Maximum Resets:500
Maximum Level:400
Zen For Reset:1000000
PK Clear Zen:1000000
Server Status: Online
Come and Be Part of EMU Family
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