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Default KoA: Reckoning - Video Commentary @ EA

June 10th, 2011, 03:18
An EA Live Event video from E3 offers a good look at Reckoning with commentary over live gameplay footage. Word from Melvil is "This video gives the best idea of the world size to date", so worth a look.
More information.
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June 10th, 2011, 03:18
I have to say that looks pretty neat. While I like more realism in combat generally it looks like it might be fun. I wonder just how "open" that open world is. Can you stray from the paths or is it more like Fable? Anyway, sort of encouraged by this title. I do like the art style as well.
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June 10th, 2011, 17:16
My brother and I both thought it looked like a confined "big world." The stealth gameplay seemed interesting (that it even exists in the first place surprised me). The Titan Quest mix n' match talent trees have some potential as well. Seems like a solid mainstream action/rpg poster boy.
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June 10th, 2011, 20:50
Yep, I admit it: I'm a fanboi for this game. Can't wait to play it. I watched the whole 42 minute video, and it just looks FUN. It's been a long time since I let myself get caught up in hype for a game, but I find myself letting my guard down for this one. It's actually kind of refreshing….

Things that caught my eye from this video:

The talent trees and character advancement options looked dizzying. In a good way. An example from the hybrid class they were playing was a frost trap from the 'Finesse' (thief) tree getting duration and damage bonuses from choosing frost magic enhancements from the Magic tree.

The combat looked fun. Granted, this is at the expense of realism, as you are instantaneously switching between two weapons and a shield that all appear out of nowhere and disappear just as rapidly. So yes, it's game-y. But still, this is done all in favor of enhancing the fun factor, and I can't argue much with that. One thing I appreciated was how the camera panned back quite a ways when combat started, and it gave you a little bit more of a tactical view than a standard over-the-shoulder 3rd-person perspective.

I like some of the little touches that were added. For example, the lead designer talked about a large AoE attack spell that you need to power up over a few seconds before unleashing. If you get hit, then you don't get the attack off, which is completely normal. However, whoever hit you takes damage because the power of the spell gets discharged through them. I thought that was a cool idea.

Finally, I think it's worth pointing out that this demo featured a quest that starts off with a father simply asking you to find his missing daughter. At first blush, this sounds like a simple rescue mission, where you kill the mobs and the grateful damsel in distress thanks you profusely. But instead, when you find the daughter she's fighting off waves of raiders, and after you help her, she's itching to go deeper into the dungeon to shut off the raiders' access to the area, and you can either help her or go take a hike. So at least for this one quest, there's some added depth beyond just going and doing whatever the quest-giver asked.

So far, I'm sold.
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June 11th, 2011, 02:36
It's like the Elder Scrolls turned into a cartoon with better animations, "features" and Chakram.

I'm totally in.
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June 11th, 2011, 07:15
I pretty much dismissed this game when it was first announced. Yet another cartoonish action-rpg set in a generic fantasy setting? No thanks.

However, after watching some of the videos that have been released recently which have shown some of the gameplay, character-building, loot/crafting system, etc., I think I'm actually pretty excited about this one. I will always prefer a more realistic, believable fantasy setting (along the lines of Gothic and The Witcher, for example), but KoA doesn't appear to be so cartoony that it makes the setting seem completely over-the-top. My impression so far is that this looks like Fable on steroids (which obviously isn't saying too much, but I actually enjoyed the first Fable for what it was). This obviously won't be a very hardcore experience, but it looks like it has the potential to be quite fun and enjoyable.
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June 12th, 2011, 15:59
I kind of look at this game as what I had hoped Fable 1 was going to be… but certainly wasn't.
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