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Default Dungeon Siege 3 - Review Roundup # 6

June 27th, 2011, 14:50
Another round of review for Obsidian's Dungeon Siege 3 game has appeared. I'll quote from two of them and list the others:
First up is The Escapist - 3.5/5
The combat in Dungeon Siege is fairly shallow, relying more on fast fingers than strategic genius. It compensates for this simplicity with flashy special abilities that can wreak havoc on the battlefield, but require an expenditure of Focus. It might be tempting to hoard your Focus until the really important fights, but the only way to master your abilities and gain access to their stronger "empowered" versions, is by using them repeatedly.
Then we have GameDynamo - 86/100
Playable characters are basic: tanks, magic users, and ranged attackers, with the single-player mode employing an AI sidekick. Unfortunately, the single-player side of Dungeon Siege III eventually wears down and becomes yet another grindy lootfest. However, the game shines significantly more in co-op mode. Playing in four-player co-op keeps the game fresh and entertaining.
And then the others
Machinima - a write up and a video review - 7/10
MMFOG - scoreless
PC Advisor 3/5
The Sacramento Bee - 3/4
More information.
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June 27th, 2011, 14:50
hm. I foolishly gave in and bought this from Steam. I'm stuck away from home in Europe for a month, so I'm playing on my macbook with a teensy-weensy mouse. That said, I hate (hate hate hate hate) the interface. Fights are chaotic with the screen rotating as I energetically try to manoeuvre using WASD and accidentally touch the screen borders. I also found the chase cam very unhelpful, esp the fact that it doesn't follow intuitively, but swings around to the side in many cases. I never had these issues with Dungeon Siege and I could always just click on an enemy to attack - I am playing Anjali and she will only attack someone with melee if they are close (or so it seems - she never runs to engage with someone if they are at a distance. And yes, I do use her fire form to do range attacks). I don't think the graphics were exceptional either - DS2 had pretty good graphics, an that was many years ago now. In fact, the game is very average and I think 6.5/10 is probably all I would give it.
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