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August 9th, 2011, 15:07
GameBanshee let us know they have posted a review of E.Y.E. There are elements they like and they say the game can often be fun, but ultimately, the problems overwhelm:
The problem, predictably, is that with so many elements in the pot, E.Y.E never really comes together in a coherent sort of way. The issues with E.Y.E are so numerous and so pervasive, that it's honestly very difficult to decide where to start, but they crop up early and never relent. There's no easy way to say it: this game is broken. Maybe not to the point of it being unplayable (on the contrary, at times it can be a lot of fun), but it's hard to believe it was deemed acceptable to release in this state.

The most obvious problem the game has is poor communication. Put simply, E.Y.E is terrible about presenting information, whether that's critical mission details, storyline elements, or even basic tutorials. For instance, jumping into the game, all you get are a set of poorly-subtitled videos; these are either overcomplicated or completely useless, yet you'll have to rely on them to understand many of the game's basic elements. Others, like how gaining experience functions, the nuances of the surprisingly involved hacking minigame, or the details of the research system, are left unexplained. At its worst, E.Y.E will outright contradict itself, such as in one mission where I was told to "get the hell out of here", yet it was only after running back to the drop zone that I realised the game actually wanted me to stand exactly where I was and protect the same NPC who gave me the instruction to run, who ended up dying shortly after. In a nice move, the game didn't just fail the mission, but instead let me continue without him… until he inexplicably reappeared in the next mission, anyway.
More information.
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August 9th, 2011, 15:07
That review captures my feelings almost exactly. There's a fun game in there (and when it's fun it's really fun!) but too much is unexplained and broken. I played through to what I think is near the end and I ended up in a mission where I die and die and die yet still make "progress" and die and die…and eventually just gave up.

I feel like starting over now that I understand the game a bit better (but not well enough) but just can't bring myself to do so.
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August 12th, 2011, 14:16
while i had really intense and fun moments with the game i feel the same. since the beginning i really didnŽt "trust" the game. always thinking that some bug could wipe out my progress at any moment. but even like this i played for good 20 hours. now my character is slaughtering all his friends and i really dont know why- i tried t read the story but it is a) very badly written b) kind of esoteric,mystic mish-mash which set me off a bit.

some folks over at steam-forum really worked hard to make some sense out of the story and it sounds amazing when i read that forum posts- but in the game itself it is difficult to absorb- at least it was for me.

i like a good story- not everything needs to be explained but in e.y.e. its really a bit too esoteric. this combined with the poor grammar and abundant swear words is an surreal mix. you can love it or hate it.

iŽll give e.y.e. another shot when the patch is out.glad i bought the game- even if mostly to support the devs,hoping they continue to do games like this and learn to make them a tiny bit more accesible.
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