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September 2nd, 2011, 01:22
Alec Meer writes at Rock, Paper, Shotgun about watching an hour-long Skyrim demo back at Gamescom. The "realistic" bit in the title refers to the demo being natural gameplay, rather than an epic, scripted event - and this aspect has impressed Alec:
So, in fact, seeing Skyrim at its quietest and most inward-looking is a huge relief. While Skyrim has looked mighty impressive from afar, there was a fear that the nuts and bolts of Elder Scrolling had been subsumed by all that impossibly epic combat and shouting at sky-lizards. In fact, there’s plenty of the number-watching and cave-exploring that we so yearn for. In many ways, it seems incredibly familiar – there’d be no mistaking it for any other game series. On the other hand, the spit and polish on top of it is wonderful. Most especially in the inventory.
Oh! The menus. Oh! With every single pick-uppable item rendered as a full, 3D, rotable object, everything tiered into neat categories and smart features such as tagging favourites for instant access, right-clicking stuff in a looting screen to immediately equip it and a tiny, discrete icon denoting which item is the best of its sort in your bags, it seems to have kept all the good stuff of inventory management while making it far more efficient and look exactly 17 times better. Maybe even 18.
More information.
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September 2nd, 2011, 01:22
What I’m seeing today is Bethesda’s Pete Hines rummaging through corpses’ pockets for loot and doing mental arithmetic about weapon stats – demonstrating that Skyrim is at least as much about calculation as it is about combat.
Hopefully this means there's more than just a single visible number to a weapon's combat stats.

As the fight moves on we face Falmer, “twisted, evil creatures that dwell in Skyrim’s deepest reaches” and which basically look like goblins wearing spider’s faces as helmets
So rieklings after all?
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September 2nd, 2011, 13:00
Interesting read. I agree with Kapitan on the weapon stats. But, I'm slightly pessimistic since it was so horrible in Oblivion.

While I'm being pessimistic I'm also not very fond of the "improved" menu. Seems more like a hassle to me so far.
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September 2nd, 2011, 13:32
Don't get optimistic about the weapon stats. I suspect most of them don't show on the weapon description, just like in Oblivion. There was a lot of hidden stats: sneaking multiplier, range, etc.
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