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August 31st, 2011, 00:33
Eurogamer takes look at this game now when the third game Deus Ex:HR has been released. A few highlights:
For a start it's a better shooter than Deus Ex. For a series that prides itself on player agency the tricky gun play of the first game nudged people towards creeping around rather than allowing them to choose between being a sneak or acting like RoboCop.
Then there's the universal ammo concept. No more messing around rearranging ammo in your inventory like an obsessive compulsive - just one clip to rule them all.
That said, for every decent addition Invisible War screwed up somewhere else. It reduced hacking to waiting for a bar to fill up. Even worse, it then rubbed that in by robbing us of the joy of playing a nosy parker who gets their kicks from reading emails that provide tiny insights into life as a bored office worker from the future. The scale of the areas in the game is another bugbear, each seemingly squashed down to the size of a bedsit to help Invisible War to fit on the Xbox.
That said Invisible War's overall attempt at creating a truly malleable story didn't really work. It's too easy to shift allegiance at any point, which undermines the meaning of your choices, and you can miss important parts of the story by sticking to one faction too much.
Invisible War is destined to spend its future living in the shadow of the game that came before it and, now, the game that came after it. But there's enough Deus Ex pixie dust within Invisible War for it to deserve a better fate than being remembered for what it is not rather than for what it is.
More information.
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August 31st, 2011, 00:33
Originally Posted by Tristan Donovan
As such the endings you can choose are really a choice between the lesser of four evils rather than any world-saving glory moment.
Huh? Clearly knows nothing about True Democracy.

Damn it, did I just defend IW.
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August 31st, 2011, 06:46
Uhhh, just going by this snippet, the person never played Deus Ex. Ammo takes up inventory space? Invisible War "reduced hacking to waiting for a bar to fill up" yeah, so did the first game.
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