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September 27th, 2011, 00:53
I wanted to introduce this new Knight Online server, has several daily users and enter new ones. This knight online is characterized by Farm / Pk

The maximum lvl is 83 and is reached quickly killing worms in Moradon entry, for the Automaster must relog once that is reached lvl 60 do it automatically without any quest.
All weapons are known, Shard, Raptor hell breaker, etc. .. elixir staff all weapons and high class of Myko Usko turn with new weapons and KrKo JpKO (dagger of pro staff of pro, mace of chaos , master shield and many others), weapons and armor reverse, reverse shell Chitin that gives the beginner NPC at the entrance haro Moradon with +10 items. All items can be sealed with seal. Dragon quest armor as flight, mytrhil, rums and trial, Quest for personal weapons in Esland

All days are held at 5pm ET invasions , an excellent opportunity to earn citizenship points, and Monday Wednesday and Friday at 3pm is the BDW in which the winners receives earings and nationality points. Soon things will be added to this new server.

This server has Gryphon armor, Valkyrie, Amazing and Ultimate Divine ,donors ill recive special items

organized events are held by different Gms and which can get very cornered items
All skills are working 100%, the server has anticheat system and antidupe with bann automatic, automatic launcher to download the new patches, every day Gms connected 24 / 7

*Armor Chitinīs/Shells
*Armor Amazing
*Armor Krowaz
*Armor Bahamut
*Armor Gryphom
*Armor Valkyrias
*Armor Mytril/Dragon fight / Trial/Ron sets
*Armor Ultimate

some items

the link of the forum AmazingKO
and the panel AmazingKO Home

some videos introduction of server and community http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zGQR…yer_detailpage

and pk in ronark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CndfY…yer_detailpage

hope will encourage and enter this fantastic server, Greetings
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General MMORPG » MMORPG Marketing » New Knight Online Server (pk/farm)
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