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September 29th, 2011, 06:35
Time for a couple of Lonesome Road updates. Hardware Heaven has a review spanning all the DLC and awarding a Gold Medal, while IncGamers says 7/10. Here's a snip from the latter:
One of the bigger strides taken by the DLC is in fleshing out your character's past. The courier character has never been a pure 'blank slate' (as he or she clearly has a past and receives hints about it throughout New Vegas), but this is the first time when an event in 'your' life has been revealed in a semi-detailed way. This reveal adds convenient history between yourself and Ulysses and provides some explanation for his actions towards you. As a narrative device it does its job, but it feels a bit jarring to suddenly have an 'off camera' event imposed upon you like that.
More information.
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September 29th, 2011, 06:35
Originally Posted by Hardware Heaven
The first thing which we need to say about Fallout: New Vegas is that it has no relation to specific events in Fallout 3, or the original games for that matter
Really? I thought it was as close to a fallout 2 sequel as you could get.
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September 29th, 2011, 08:32
My minireview here;
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September 30th, 2011, 21:09
You didn't say whether you liked the story? I mean the sucky gameplay is a given, I think that even if they just had you walking from A to B with almost no combat in between it would have been more fun, would've been more tasteful and moodier for sure.
I was really interested in Ulysses and whatever it was that I had done in the past that was so important but ended up terribly disappointed by the character, his motives and how it was all delivered/exposed.

There were a lot of parallels with KOTOR2's last planet where in the end you return to the place you had destroyed in the past(in the character's pre-player days as well) and confront a half-crazed boss/companion bent on overall destruction to find out why he has such a boner for you(in this case because the most important day of ulysses' life was just a tuesday for the courier- weak).

In a recent interview MCA said he wanted to show how a small, apparently meaningless, action you did could have tremendous consequences, the thing is that if you wanna send that message/feeling across to the player you better be damn well sure that the *player* is the one who did the action that was apparently meaningless to him but had tremendous consequences. Making it so that the character did that small action, which spanned the alleged story arch of the dlcs, in a pseudo-amnesiac retconned past instead of it being the player's action defeats the entire fucking point(and it wasn't a good point to begin with).

Funny thing is malachor V was the most criticized part of kotor2 yet it now seems ages ahead of LR, the designer/writer might be regressing.
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