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March 14th, 2007, 01:46
RPG Vault has an overview interview on Geneforge 4 with Jeff Vogel. Here's a snip:
Jonric: What leads you to believe the game will succeed in a marketplace where other titles are certain to have much greater visibility?

Jeff Vogel:
The player plays a rebel who has been given the life creation powers of the Shapers. You can create your own little army of powerful, totally obedient, custom-made mutant monsters. If you want, you can fight to attain your goals, blasting all that oppose you.

However, the most important quality of the Geneforge games is that they are very open-ended and allow for a lot of ways to progress. You can attain practically any major goal through battle, stealth, diplomacy or a mix of all three. Also, there is no pre-ordained villain. There are lots of sides, and you can pick any one of them, work for them, and still reach a reasonable end to the game. Since you can make actual choices about your path, the Geneforge series has actual role-playing in it.

I really aim to create a lot of replay opportunities. When you reach the end, you can start over, pick a different side and different tactics, and have a very different game experience.

Thus, though it's a low-budget title, it still has a place in the marketplace (and early sales are very strong). Most people don't make single-player RPGs like this anymore, so there isn't a lot of competition. It may seem that MMORPGs have sort of taken over the world, but there are still lots of people who long for this sort of game.
Look for our review in the next few days.
More information.
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March 14th, 2007, 01:46
Jonric: On the other hand, what are the primary features and elements you set out to improve in Geneforge 4: Rebellion?

Jeff Vogel: With Geneforge 4: Rebellion, we went to considerable effort to improve the interface and game system from previous games in the series. There are more character types, creatures, quests and endings. The graphics are also improved. There are weather and lighting effects, and the spell effects are much nicer. We put a lot of work into making this game something new and exciting.
I wish more work was done on other aspects of the game, as to give it something unique besides the new point of view to distinguish it from the other titles …

The interview is nice, however, though provides little new info on anyone that have tried out the game.

I actually quite like G4 so far. I'm into the 2nd chapter and though I seem to be rather stuck for the moment, I'm pretty sure that a way can be found around that. There are some pretty good changes to the gameplay - like inventory items not counting towards the carrying capacity, that though quite surprising, is a nice one. Another thing I was surprised at was that I could actually attack with even 1 AP available (though if I have 8 AP a direct attack would waste them all). While still troublesome, it is a little bit of improvement over the previous titles.
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