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October 13th, 2011, 13:06
Well, that is one of the oldest games on my really-should-play-this-one-day list. One of the grandfathers of Sandbox.style RPGs, I would say.

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October 13th, 2011, 13:08
Never got to play that one… I tried a pirated copy back in the day, and it was littered with bugs.

Too old for me now, but it's one of those games I'll always regret not playing when it was out.




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October 13th, 2011, 14:39
I only played it a few years ago for the first time. In my opinion it's one of the few RPG titles of the DOS era that is still accessible today, in large part due to the menu style exploration of cities, which I think is even more convenient than what is typically offered today. I didn't get into it very much, but it was fun while it lasted. The freeform aspect of it gets repetitive very fast and one really needs to use the clue book to plot a reasonable course through the huge game world, which I didn't do at the time, so I have never seen the end game of it.
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October 13th, 2011, 15:12
I saw it this morning too… I'm willingly try this game, even if I can't stand the graphics (which is why I still haven't played BaK btw).
I really hope that one day someone will do a graphics overhaul to these games…
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October 13th, 2011, 16:47
It's an "elite with swords" game. You have random quests a la Elite (or Daggerfall) in a very large world. The simple RTwP combat system was way ahead of it's time, and the "realistic" setting is very interesting. The ruleset is also interesting even if quite a few skills are underused or less than transparent in what they do, while some are extremely powerful (alchemy, "healing").

The game can get repetitive like all Elite type games, but it's still very good.
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October 15th, 2011, 04:46
Loved the game. Hated that witches were your typical witch with flying brooms and nasty.

I don't recall if I could go against the church in this game, but that was the only drawback I seem to recall. Though it's been literally a decade since I played so I might be remembering it differently than it really was.

I do remember the tons of skills….oh I loved that soooo much. So many options to choose from. Even your character creation was amazing. You chose how you grew up.
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October 15th, 2011, 06:09
This was about the only classic rpg that I really didn't like. Everyone tells me they loved it, but I got bored and frustrated in a few hours and never played it again.
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October 15th, 2011, 07:19
It was a great game for it's time, but wow was it buggy and unfinished. There were major parts of the manual that never made it into the final game, and one of the major quests crashed every time I tried to complete it, and this was true on multiple machines and after multiple patches.

What was most interesting about the game was the whole choose your own adventure style menu that went with every encounter where you could try different options depending on what skills your character had. There was very frequently an absolute best option regardless of your skills though so once you'd had the same encounter multiple times and knew what to do it wasn't quite so interesting.
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October 15th, 2011, 07:36
Looks awful.
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October 15th, 2011, 07:42
Loved it! One of my favourites, the system of saints was way ahead of its time.
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October 15th, 2011, 08:00
The original Magic the Gathering PC game used a simplified Darklands engine.

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October 16th, 2011, 04:00
I'm assuming this one is too old for me to enjoy, which is a bummer because I hear it's excellent.
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