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May 3rd, 2016, 03:28

Isles Of Arthanos is a first person RPG similar to The Elder Scrolls with optional co-op, combined with a very advanced and user friendly level creation mode where you can design new levels along with quests and NPCs which can be compared to Dungeons & Dragons in a lot of ways. We have a demo of the level creation mode available on our website and would love to hear some feedback. If you decide to check it out I recommend looking at our Youtube tutorials. We are also currently on Steam Greenlight and would love an upvote if you deem us worthy.

Website : http://www.islesofarthanos.com/
Steam Greenlight CONCEPT SECTION : http://goo.gl/rYvZ0w
Youtube Channel : https://goo.gl/mOLnte


Isles Of Arthanos is a first person cooperative RPG with a focus on user generated content and challenging game mechanics. The goal is to create a game that will constantly evolve and expand that could potentially provide thousands of quality play hours to be experienced individually or among friends.


Level Editor

The level editor is a robust toolset that allows players to design their own worlds and game experiences. This editor does most of the heavy lifting involved in content creation to save time and empower player creativity. For example, we can randomly generate high quality terrains that intelligently place forests grassy plains and rock formations literally at the click of a button. These worlds can be shared and downloaded among the community. Players don't need to download any additional software in order to create levels, the world editor is part of the game itself.

Mod Support

With mod support players can create their own unique art assets, stories and gameplay with third-party tools and scripting.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Isles Of Arthanos allows for many different cooperative experiences that depend on how the level is designed. Some levels can resemble an open world co-op experience with many quests, a smaller horde style co-op experience with side-quests, or even raid style content. The scale of the co-op experience depends on the level design.

Skill Based Gameplay

Gear and stats are not the sole determining factor of success in Isles Of Arthanos. Players will have to use strategy and skill based battle tactics in order to defeat enemies. A simple example of this would be blocking just before an enemy strikes to negate the damage.

No Insane Grinding

We don't believe in forcing players to do tedious tasks in order to progress their character. Characters will level up and reach their maximum stats fast, the main form of progression comes from learning new skills and abilities in the world and combining them into unique strategies that may or may not prove to be effective.

Enhanced Skill Progression

When a player learns a new skill or ability they will not automatically be an expert in that skill. Each skill will have its own skill tree that can be leveled up with skill points and used in different ways. For example, a fire spell may have 5 different categories to pour skill points into. Common categories for a fireball spell would be projectile range, area of effect damage, burn damage over time, regular damage, and reduced mana costs. You could spend a lot of skill points on a fireball spell and cast the ultimate fireball, or you could spend less and cast a very specific type of fireball useful for a specific type of situation. Players do not have an infinite amount of skill points, this prevents a character from being an expert in all skills. Players will be able to forget skills they do not want anymore and will then have to earn more skill points to invest in something else. Skill points are independent from a characters level and can be earned after a player reaches max level. They can no longer be earned once a character has reached the maximum amount of points allowed. Everyone has their limits.

Modular Smithing

Weapons are divided into components that players will have to smith individually and then combine together to form a complete weapon. These components will have different effects and will not always be considered a linear upgrade from other components. For example, in order to create a sword you must create the hilt and blade separately before the sword can be made. One type of blade might do more damage than a different type but that other type might be more durable and have more enchantment slots. These two types aren't necessarily better than the other option but might perform better with specific play styles and character builds.

Equipment System

Equipment is broken up into multiple different parts allowing for a large amount of combinations. Pieces will be broken up into hands/lower arm (left and right), shoulders/upper arm (left and right), headgear, feet, top layer armor that covers chest and legs (plate armor and loose clothing), lower layer armor that covers chest and legs (tight fitting clothing and chain-mail).

Hunger System

Keeping your character well nourished will boost your stats. Being moderately fed will keep your stats neutral and being malnourished will cause stat reductions. Players will not die from being malnourished.
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June 6th, 2016, 03:02
We've got a pretty large update to share. There's a devlog on our youtube channel to sum it up. But basically we have like 100 new architectural building pieces that allow for a ton of building variation now. We've also started working on inventory, a food system, 1st and 3rd person character views, and setting up actions in the game which is what we will use to design quests eventually.


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June 6th, 2016, 06:15
Pretty nice looking engine!
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June 6th, 2016, 09:32
Yep, the assets look pretty cool.
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October 17th, 2016, 07:51
We are back with another devlog! It's been about 4 months since our last one so we've got plenty of new features to talk about.

DEMO LINK : http://www.islesofarthanos.com/



- Basic Combat
- Fully Featured Inventory
- Equipping Weapons and Armor
- Setting Up and Looting Containers
- Nature Visual Enhancements
- New Environmental Objects
- Building Prefabs
- Various Optimizations
- NPC Conversation Trees
- In Game AI Logic Setup
- Trading
- AI Facial Customization
- Ability To Setup Quests In Game
- Enhanced Level Generation Via Biome Distribution
- More Terrain Stamps
- New Website
- New Demo
- Discord Server (link on website)

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