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Default Borderlands 2 - Previews and Siren Class renewed

February 27th, 2012, 03:17
Previews for this game can be found at IGN and Chicago Tribune. First IGN where we learn about the new playable character Maya:
By leveling Maya and earning more skill points, you can customize the advantages of phaselocking. Paul Hellquist, creative director at Gearbox, explained more. "She's got support trees so she's also kind of a mystical healer and she uses her ability to grant health bonuses to herself as well as the team. If the team or yourself kills the person who has been phaselocked then it grants health to the party. She can use her phaselock ability to revive another player, which is an exciting one so you don't even have to be near somebody to get them up she can revive people from across the battlefield. Then in some of the other trees she has things that allow phaselock to affect more people. She has an ability that the phaselock sphere shoots out these additional projectiles that then lock those characters in their places as well so she can go into a more control-oriented role."
And then Chicago Tribune
Like the original game, "Borderlands 2" is dubbed a "role-playing shooter" because of the way you can level up. Each battle brings experience points, no matter how big or small the enemies you face. From there, you can apply said points to your character by heading to automated kiosks and purchasing items or properly leveling up, becoming even more powerful in the process. As you gain levels, you also get to branch out using a pre-set skill tree, improving your certain talents and becoming a more effective hunter in the process.
IGN has news of the renewed siren class.
There's also the storyline of the new Siren. While it may not be as exciting as the many ways to kill things, Gearbox has pointed out that more substantial story development is a focus for Borderlands 2. "What we wanted to do with the Sirens this time around was to have a kind of a different flavor," said Cooke. "There's some Siren lore that says that there's only a certain number of Sirens around at any given time in our universe and we wanted them to all kind of have unique back stories. [Maya] knows a bit about where her power comes from. We kind of patterned her a little bit after Indiana Jones to some extent. You know, she's the adventurer, roving the universe trying to find the secrets of where she came from and what the Sirens are all about."
And here's a concept art of hot the Siren looks now, thanks to Gamebanshee.
More information.
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February 27th, 2012, 03:17
"And here's a concept art of hot the Siren looks now, thanks to Gamebanshee."

Someone's Freudian slip is showing.
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