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April 16th, 2012, 10:48
Personally I wouldn't spend more than € 150-200 on the GPU and get a newer one in a year or 2-3 when needed. This has always worked for me (only once did I buy a € 400+ card and it aged as fast as the € 200 versions).

For the CPU a decent i5 (like the mentioned 2500k) will be more than enough to satisfy your calculating power on a gaming rig. No need to wait on the newer lines with more cores/threads etc, the won't help your gaming experience any better than the current versions.

Finally to add to the fps discussion: there is something called micro-stuttering which occurs in game engines where the frame rates drop below a certain threshold (let's say 15 fps) where the overall performance is well over the 60 fps. This effect is very hard to capture with benchmark software and other tools which could do this but leads to the effect that the game doesn't feel smooth and/or responsive. This is mainly noted on high end systems which should be able to run such a game without any problems. Also bear in mind that most TFT panels run at 60hz for a refresh rate so theoretically a higher frame rate than that would serve no purpose. That said maximum fps is not the grade that's most important, minimum and average fps are much more important (and ping for online games ofc).

Badger good luck with getting a rig!
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April 22nd, 2012, 21:50
You might want to consider having a look at Tom's Hardware, and you might want to ask about specific hardware, budget, and vendors in in the forums section. You can get some good info from the people who post there as some seem to have devoted a great deal of their lives to this sort of thing. A couple of posts you might find interesting are Budgey gaming rig, and $1000 Gaming Build?.

For more general information, you might want to look at Ars Technica system guide: December 2011, and How to build your own computer: Ask Ars DIY Series, Part I—hardware.

It's actually a lot of fun to build your own. In the event you run into a glitch, its great to have multiple places for inquiry.

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