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September 19th, 2012, 20:49
Borderlands 2 has been released in the US (check out the launch trailer) and the reviews are pooring in. It looks like a critical success, with most reviews ranging from 8.5/10 and up. The loot, story and action are all praised in the main, though some of the side quests are criticised.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun lament the slow start - but then this:
But when it gets going, it really puts the pedal to the edge-shaded metal. When the thunder starts to roll, this game reveals itself to be a supercell of a storm.
Borderlands 2 is a minor masterpiece.
Running for cover, under a hail of gunfire, I systematically looted my way down a corridor, and under a canopy, suck ammo from cases and lockboxes as overhead flying enemies tried to blast me with electrical weapons. Bombs were going off, and robots were whirling and stomping towards me. I looked out ahead of me, to where the next slalom of gun-violence would take place, and I realised that the game was singing. Sure, the song was a familiar one about the explosive ending of men and monsters, but the melody was perfect. And more importantly, it had hit a rhythm. I had hit a rhythm, and I didn’t want to leave it.
Kotaku feels soloing is a challenge (though other reviews vary on this):
The commando’s turrets make that class probably the most ideal for a solo experience, but power in numbers is heavily emphasised here. You’ll certainly be facing off against an overwhelming swarm of enemies at once, so you might as well come packing. The swarms sometimes feel endless. Having a friend or three at your back can mean the difference between getting through a quest in an hour or getting through the same quest in 20 minutes. Even with skill points spent towards increased critical hit percentage, deadeye aim and some wildass smartbomb talent, it’s still preferable to play with friends to get through it all.
GameInformer - 9.75/10, the game is improved across the board:
While the new classes and focused narrative are the marquee bullet points when it comes to this sequel’s improvements, that’s barely scratching the surface of the multitude of smaller upgrades. Inventory management and the user interface are much better, allowing for simple buying, selling, and comparing of items. Character customization allows players to alter their classes with different heads and skins. A new token system rewards players for completing challenges by granting stat bonuses that carry over to any character on the same profile. Enemy characters are more varied, including both appearance and behavior. It’s now possible to crawl to safety while waiting for a partner to revive you. These may not all be blockbuster features on their own, but they all add up to a noticeably superior experience.
Joystiq - 4.5/5, on fedex quests:
Some of the quests are still hit and miss – fetch quests run rampant, and chasing down bandit caravans for scrap metal and jugs of booze is boring busywork – but the good far outshines the bad. It's certainly easier to recall some highlights: a pizza delivery mission involving some sewer-dwelling ninjas; a birthday party for a fan favorite character; or a quest to help Moxxi get even with an ex-boyfriend.
Destructoid - 8.5/10, on the PC version:
PC players will be happy to know that the game comes with some great customization options and looks stunning with settings maxed out. I was able to run the game at a very smooth framerate, despite having everything turned up high. The UI and controls are much kinder to keyboard/mouse players than thy were the first time around. Due to hand cramps, I switched between keyboard and controller but preferred the added accuracy and shortcuts that the keyboard/mouse combo offer. My only complaint is that there is no offline co-op, but that has more to do with Steam than Gearbox.
Eurogamer - 9/10, on gameplay:
The added complexity ensures that battles are utterly relentless in Borderlands 2, and the campaign focuses the chaos brilliantly, delivering the hect…More information.
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September 19th, 2012, 20:49
Nice reviews, still need to finish Borderlands 1 with my co-op buddy, but after that… rock on!
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Default Borderlands 2 - Review Roundup

September 19th, 2012, 21:08
Thank you for the great roundup!
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