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October 8th, 2012, 20:45
It's hard to know if this should go here or in non-RPG, since it's a Diablo-esque RPG at best, but I'm surprised there's not a Borderlands 2 topic in either forum yet.

I was going to wait a while to get it, but then got a sudden craving for mindless action and treated myself. I'm not disappointed so far. It's exactly what you expect; a sci-fi FPS Diablo-like with lots of weird random loot that doesn't take itself remotely seriously.

Right now I've got a 12th level Siren and am just getting used to the new action skill. The invisible escape of the last game's been replaced by a stasis field, so it's not really the same class. I've not had too many really crazy weapons yet, but they do seem to have a bit more variety than the last game.

Anyone here made it very far yet? Any truly zany goodies come out of the random loot system?
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October 10th, 2012, 22:20
Great game but it's not classical RPG, it's a fps variation of Diablo like with many shift.

I never enjoyed much BL1 but about 20 hours in BL2 was amazing. It's basically the same than BL1 but they improved the formula on so many points that's it's a totally different game, here some of the key changes :
  • The respawn management is hugely better. In BL1 it was fast respawn of small groups, this was generating ton and ton of boring little fights all the same. Awful in single player. In BL2 the respawn rate is a lot longer and it's the respawn of much larger groups in much more complex places generating much better fights and from where you approach the area change a lot the fights it involves. Huge improvement in Bl2 on that point.
  • The fights are just a lot better, more interesting, using more complex structures, enemies more diversifed and with more diversified reactions and actions, less abuse of monsters that just run at you. BL1 had poor fights but few, BL2 has good to very good fights but perhaps you shouldn't be a pro fps player to really enjoy.
  • The world is better filled and build. All this feeling of plastic and artificial for story, quests, world background that has BL1 is quite improved in BL2. Nothing amazing, but in comparison of BL1 the improvement is amazing.
  • The inventory in BL1 is almost constantly boring. In BL2 they found a much better balance, first there's much more points where sell the stuff, second thanks to the respawn delay much longer you have many chances to quickly go back to a selling point in case you realize you forget clean your backpack.
  • The ammo management seems better, you need apply some ammo saving management and use switch between weapons to save ammo of some type.

There's more to say, and that's in my opinion the main changes that just transfigure the game from BL1 (tedious) to BL2 (major game that will probably setup the origin of fps diablo like much more than the crap that Hellgate London is).
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