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October 19th, 2012, 14:53
An update for the Kickstarter game AAIMIE is available now. The number of pledges are still a bit on the low side for this game with 20 days to go.
I've had a few people ask for more more details about the game. I intentionally haven't posted many details because I'm sticking with the "exploration" aspects of the game and don't want to give away too much. However, I do understand the need for more info so I am going to start posting more updates, and if I do post anything that I think might spoil the game I will preface it with *POSSIBLE SPOILER* so you will know to skip it if you prefer to be surprised when the game is released.
So today I'm posting on Components. Not a great name and I may change it later, but Components are items you can attach to AAIMIE which gives special "abilities". You start out with 2 slots to attach components and you can change them in and out at will depending on the situation you are about to face. You can upgrade later so you may add more than 2. Also, there are various levels of components. So you may get 2 "Energy Rechargers" but one could increase your energy at a higher rate than the other. There are also things you can do to increase the effectiveness of the components.
The Components list is as follows. These are subject to change based on how they affect gameplay, but this is the current list:
Cloak -
Reduces your chances to be detected by enemies. This is a passive component that is always active when attached.
Discharge an EMP pulse which reduces the energy levels of enemies or even machines in the world. This is useful for weakening enemies and reducing the energy level of devices you are trying to hack.
Energy Recharger -
Recharges your energy at an increased rate. Energy is very important in AAIMIE as most weapons and shields are energy based. The faster you recharge the more damage you can do.
Hacking -
Many puzzles are hacking based. This component makes certain puzzles easier to hack.
Energy Increaser -
Increases the base energy of AAIMIE.
Shield Booster -
Increases the strength of your shields allowing you take take more damage, either from enemies or from failed hacking attempts that attempt to harm you.
Turbo Boost -
Briefly increase your movement speed. This is a good for getting away from enemies or quickly approaching an enemy who is at range.
Aim Stabilizer -
Increases your chances of hitting and enemy
Armor Strength -
Once your shields are depleted your armor will start taking damage. This increases the strength of your armor allowing you to take less damage.
IR -
Allows you to see through walls
Radar -
Shows enemies and puzzles and hackable items within range.
Frenzy Enemy -
Increases the chances of the enemy to retreat from combat
Turret -
Throws down an energy turret to provide additional damage during combat
Strength Booster -
Every item has weight. This allows you to carry more items.
Attachments -
Allows you to attach an additional component to AAIMIE.
Energy Blocker (when enemies attack with energy) -
When enemies attack with energy weapons, this reduces the damage received. It only works against energy-based weapons.
Detection Feedback -
Allows AAIMIE to detect if she is currently being tracked, or is at risk of being detected.
That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed the update and if you haven't already done so please tell your friends about AAIMIE so we can make this game happen.
More information.
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October 19th, 2012, 14:54
Added a link. For discussion and more infos check our Indie forum.
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