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October 22nd, 2012, 11:35
A couple of interviews have hit for Hero-U, talking to Lori and Corey Cole. From RPS:
RPS: And this one’s going to be more of an RPG, of course.
COREY: I guess you could say that Quest for Glory was about 70% adventure and 30% roleplaying. This one is going to be more 60% roleplaying and 40% adventuring. Part of that is just down to the look. It’s a 2D, top-down world, so it is going to feel more like a graphical version of a grid based game like Rogue than a Quest for Glory adventure.
LORI: Well, not like Rogue. We’re using much of the engine from Brawsome’s MacGuffin’s Curse, so it’s more tile based.
COREY: Yeah, and the tiles are large, so we’re able to have better animation, larger characters… you’ll feel like you’re in the environments. We’re also going to have some screens that are more like adventure game backgrounds. We’ve got some very beautiful images that the artists are putting together. How many will depend on how the budget turns out.
…and RPG Codex:
RPG Codex: How did the idea of Hero-U originate, and what were the main points of debate you had when coming up with the game's concept? Why the name, "Hero-U"?
The version of the game we worked on in 2010 focused on the Wizard character, but we decided to save that for a sequel so people wouldn't think, "Oh, it's a Harry Potter game set in Hogwarts." The team brainstormed some title ideas, Andrew Goulding of Brawsome suggested "Rogue Redemption", and artist Eric Varnes modified it to "Rogue to Redemption". We all liked the combination of word play and good description of the story. Your character starts out as a disgraced Thief and may redeem himself to become a Rogue Hero.
As for the concept, Lori and I have been kicking it around since 2008 in various incarnations. We started out trying to make a straight text adventure, but we weren't satisfied with it. Two years ago we tried again as a mostly-text game with a "click on the keyword" interface and a graphic window, but it still didn't seem to have the right feel. This year we talked about moving to a top-down map interface similar to Epyx Rogue on the Atari ST, and that sounded more promising. When we saw Brawsome's game "MacGuffin's Curse", Lori and I both thought that was exactly the look that would work for our new game. Well, close anyway - We're perfectionists who always tweak things. : )
Corey Cole: We wanted to make a game based on www.theschoolforheroes.com. I thought the name was a little long, and a few of the people on the project pointed out that "school" made them think of a game for teenagers. We talked about a few variations, and ended up with "Hero-U" because "U" stands for "University" and also for "You". We want each player to feel that this is a game made just for him/her.
More information.
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October 22nd, 2012, 11:35
"Oh, it's a Harry Potter game set in Hogwarts."

I'd love to play a harry potter rpg. Pity EA Games chose to make them action arcade games instead.
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