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October 23rd, 2012, 22:10
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
I didn't play a lot of Mount and Blade. In fact, I played very little of it. The game appears to be too strategy oriented for my taste. But I think I understand what you mean, and probably the fact that the game is more strategy than role playing explains why it isn't so player centered as most RPGs. The world has to revolve a lot more around other things besides the character and player options. But I guess the same could be done in a RPG…
Mount&Blade is a literal sandbox with strategy elements. It have no story and the game doesn't care what you, the player, is doing in it. You can decide to to anything the games allows. M&B2 actually have some mods that increase what you can do as well, like being the member of an NPC army. Note that you don't control the army, you fallow it around and when they get in combat you get to do something.

Also, you don't really need an army of your own. I soloed team of 30+ enemies. Just learn how to use the couched lance…
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October 23rd, 2012, 22:32
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Not a big consumer of those things, but from what I remember, primordial things happen out of the control of the character. The character has an impact on his surroundings but nothing as the feeling delivered in video games with nothing primordial moving without a player's inputs.

In days, this dimension has been increasing in video gaming as for example timed quests have been removed.Not only you decide when to start something but you also decide when you finish it. Majority of movies, books, comics still include these kinds of out of control dimension. Many video games no longer do.
Well, games are more interactive than TV. Movies and books aren't interactive at all, because when they are launched they are already a finished product, which can not be altered to satisfy the wishes of consumers. I don't think it is strange that game developers and distributors opt for a narrative which revolves mainly around players actions. It's unfortunate that there aren't more story arcs comings from other sources other than the player character, events that are not related to the character's actions and even timed quests (though I usually loath those when they come bursting without a warning…).But there are worst things than that. The feeling of a changing world, outside the player's actions, the inclusion of information about things that are happening, but that the character has no way of dealing with, would suffice. And that's my opinion.
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October 23rd, 2012, 22:38
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Never stated otherwise. Wont support it as it is useless.

The designer feels that these should feature in his conception of a cyberpunk world, he could have stated simply without involving the adult treatment dimension that can barely be delivered in video gaming.
Mike Pondsmith is not the designer. As I understand he was invited as some kind of adviser, because he is the author of the P&P game that gave origin to the future computer game. But it is only the opinion of a man who won't be designing the game, just giving his opinion about how things should go. And, as far as I know, excluding William Gibson and Ridley Scott they got the best adviser in the market…
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