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Default Borderlands 2 - Patch 1.1.2 for PC and Xbox Released

October 24th, 2012, 10:57
Borderlands 2 has been patched taking the version to 1.1.2 on both PC and on Xbox 360:
A quote from the PC update:
You can download the latest Borderlands 2 update by restarting Steam. All updates are cumulative; you only need to install the most recent version to receive all updates. Update v1.1.2 (Released 10/17/2012) Prevents data instability when launched with unsupported commands.
And a quote for the rather lengthy changelog for Xbox 360
0/22/12 Update
Fixed player first-person arms appearing too far up or down the screen when in horizontal/vertical split mode.
Fixed players losing ammo when reloading a savegame with max ammo and a stockpile relic equipped.
Fixed the vendor UI sometimes showing a count of 1 less item in the player's backpack than is actually there.
Fixed fast travel stations from downloadable content sometimes disappearing when loading a saved game.
Fixed players getting stuck in a white box when two people try to travel at once and one is in a vehicle.
Allowed players to trade with each other when at maximum backpack capacity if they're trading the same number of items with each other.
Fixed clients sometimes losing access to fast travel stations unlocked during co-op progression.
Fixed the favorite/trash icons on inventory items sometimes disappearing when scrolling the inventory list.
Added safeguards against the game getting stuck on a 'Saving…' prompt when a client with a splitscreen player saves and quits the game under specific rare circumstances.
More information.
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October 24th, 2012, 10:57
Still So Many Bugs Left.
That's a punishment for buying the game early, I guess.
They should list it among pre-order bonuses
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Borderlands 2 - Patch 1.1.2 for PC and Xbox Released
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