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November 21st, 2012, 11:39

Server Opening 23.11.2012

19:00 (+2GMT)

Version :: Season 6 Episode 2
Experience :: 500x
Item Drop Rate :: 80%
Points Per Level :: 8/9
Max Stats On Server :: 65535
Bless Bug :: Off
Maximal Level :: 400
Guild Level :: 380
Elf Buff Till :: 400
Spots :: Large
Shops :ets+8+L/Box1,2,3/Quest Items till 3lvl/Jevels-Chaos,Bles,Life
WoteRevard:: Daly Earn 150 Free Credits

Reset configurations:

Reset limit: Unlimited
Keep stats: Yes
Clear inventory: No
Clear magic list: No
Grand Reset: No
Bonus Level Up Points (Recive x Level Up Points after reset.) =200
Credit per reset: Yes (Each reset = 30 Credits)
Credit hour system: Yes (100 H = 6000 Credits)

Party Experience Configurations

Party for 2 players :: 610x
Party for 3 players :: 720x
Party for 4 players :: 830x
Party for 5 players :: 940x



Event configurations:

Blood castle: Yes (Reward: Jewel Of Souls)
Chaos castle: Yes (Reward: All kind of Jewels)
Devil squear: Yes (Reward: 5 +5 Box of Kundun)
CryWolf: Yes (Reward: Random EXE items)
Weekly Castle Siege: Yes
Illusion temple: Yes (Reward: Fenrir)
Kanturu event: Yes (Reward: New Ex Items)
Happy hour: Yes (Extra 20 EXP & 5 DROP)
Boss Attack: Yes
Kalima boss: Yes (Reward: New Anc Items)
Raklion event: Yes (New Ex Items)

Register Here:>>> ..:: PvP.SkyShard Take Your Destiny ::..
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General MMORPG » [AD] Season6Ep2/Exp:500/Drop:80/Opening 23.11.2012/Get Register NOW
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