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January 11th, 2013, 05:25
Chrono Tales 2nd Closed Beta kicks off from now on 21:00 of Jan. 7th EST (GMT-5) and will last approximately two weeks.

Below is the update notes for 2nd CBT server:

Flame Steed Giveaway: Every player can obtain a free Flame Steed from NPC Nina at Fairy Town after reaching lv 20.

Level cap has been raised to Lv 60, more World Bosses and Daily Instances are available.

Two systems: Divinization and Treasure Plant are added.

Now you can use hotkey CTRL+Z to turn on/off auto-combat directly.

Server Time display has been added to the Event Intro interface.

Some items are repriced, such as HP/MP potions, fodder.

Some translation has been tweaked.
Anyone dunno what Chrono Tales is, pls follow the offical link: http://ct.gamedp.com/index/ or read the game reviews first: http://www.mmogreport.com/reviews/43…player-reviews
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