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February 11th, 2013, 05:00
Don't typically post these updates, but this one sounded pretty interesting (and the censored monster boobs gave me a chuckle).

The final playable race!
It's Chris here ready to introduce you all to the final playable race in Arakion. After a lot of internal debate, conceptualizing and fussing we decided to make an entirely new race exclusive to the Arakion universe.

Without further anticipation here are some shots of the Gor!

Creating the Race

When creating the race we wanted to not only bring something new to Arakion (without borrowing from other mythology) but we also wanted to create something that people would be excited to play. After-all what's the point of a playable race if no one wants to conquer the world with them. With all of that in mind we created the Gor (working name), a cross between goat, ape and human.

The males average height is 5'3" while the females average height is 5'7". As you can see from the images they are extremely muscular and robust.

Battlemages also originate from the Gor society. The Gor make excellent Warriors and Battlemages.

A Brief History

**The history and story of this race is still a work in progress**

The Gor are an extremely stout and hardy race existing deep within the desolated forests of the Eastern Continent. Forged from millenia of war and hardships, they are the only race to survive on the Eastern Continent and not come under the rule, slavery and mutation of the Fae. The fact that they exist on the Eastern Continent means during your travels in Arakion you'll come across multiple groups of them.

They are in addition to everything else, the only race that wasn't involved in The War of the Skies. Both Fae and Human were wary of bringing them into the war, concerned by their battle prowess and uncertain allegiance.

The following is from Jacks desk

Gor Society

Gor have a religious society, happy with mystical matters and comfortable with unending rituals. Their existence is marked by a long list of rituals that guides them from birth to death, through every day of their life.

The Gor are conservative and conformist in the extreme. Their complex religion demands them to follow strict rules; furthermore Gor society supports the caste system and limits use of magic to lower castes.

Every caste has its own rituals and the entire society has major interconnected ceremonies, involving great season festivals.

The ruler of their nation claims to be a god, descendant of an ancient deity. The political and religious systems are inseparable: the ruler of the land is also the head of their main Temple.

Oh. Do you remember when I said that Gor society limits the use of magics? That’s because Gor law allows to practice magics only to battlemages! And Gor are the main race who can follow the path of the battlemage.

(BTW for now these are only setting laws, NOT gameplay rules. To be more clear: Gor characters can play any class and a character of any race can play a Battlemage.)

Battlemages have been employed as elite squadrons of the temples for centuries. They follow a strict code of behavior and they’re paragons of their race. Their training is ruthless. They have the respect of their society, standing out from every other caste.

Any Gor, of any caste, can try to become a battlemage. But battlemages can’t quit their training and failure for them means slavery or death. Usually the former leads quickly to the latter.

Gor and the other races

Fae military and cultural expansionism have threatened the way of living of the Gor for a very long time: that’s one of the main reasons the two races became deep seeded enemies. Gor look at the Human race with mistrust because human societies seem too chaotic, and in all of the years the Gor have fought the Fae, Humans have never once came to their aid.

Oh. Gor are a vegetarian race… did I mention that? So ents… beware!

*end of stuff from Jacks desk*

Next week we're going to go in depth on the Battlemage, with in game footage, screenshots, class mechanics and more!!

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February 11th, 2013, 16:07
Almost forgot about this one. It got lost in the shuffle with so many other kickstarters being talked about lately. I hope they release some gameplay video soon.
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