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March 22nd, 2013, 19:21
Hey guys was in a chat with Richard garriott today and thought I would share with you what was said, or at least most of it…wall of text:

Belief System: yes, we will have virtues… the exact words I use, for virtues you all know is still in debate. Clearly I do not want to cross any legal lines, but the virtues words are also clearly public domain… so… let me figure out how to do it… but fear not, you will know it!

Story: I feel the best Ultima stories I wrote when working with Warren Spector, as he is also a better story teller than me. While then, and now the story is still under my clear leadership, Warren and now Tracy are invaluable!

Nimm: Radar, arrows etc. You make a good point, we all added radar and arrows to mitigate the pain of early games…. but I still think it has gone to far to the simple side. We will all work togtehr to craft the right level of player aids and not destroy the sense of exploration and discovery.

Strong Squirrel1: A housing video is going up this afternoon. basically yes, to what you asked: you can upgrade your house, and you can move it to another city. Also in single player.

@rune_74, yes! Housing in single player

combat system
@rune, not based off Dominion but definitely takes on some of the finer strategies and concepts learned from it Not just dominion but a number of more modern card and token style games

Smack - A system of "clues" when you need them, perhaps at a cost or recharge, is fine, if we need it, just don't destroy the sense of exploration.

@Umbrae, final game not till late 2014 but we expect to have early versions of the game in people's hands by the end of 2013 for feedback and testing

AvatarAcid: Honestly, its too early to see all the polishing details we have yet to implement, much less refine, but we have done this many times. We know the target pretty clearly, we know how to get there pretty confidently. The biggest new ideas, like our blended multiplayer - solo gameplay is what we need to prove to ourselves and you. I believe it will work, but we can always split them if needed.

@chris and @richard please remember not all of us want to be ganked.

Rune_74: I agree!

@rune_74, known and we have plans so PK's and non-PK's will be happy
We have PVP threads on the forums, we will continue to collect data there. I know it will be tricky, but I think we have the basis of a plan, and will present it when we think its at least one level of bullet proof. PVP is obviously an important AND contentious area. We think we have a plan that keeps beginners from being
ganked, but encourages PVP in a way that feels risky and rewarding to both sides. We want neither extreme of gank the noob, nor opt in PVP flags which are no fun either.

About Skara Brae

I would love to see a town called Skara Brae!


Mystic: Crafting - there are the basics, which I can describe, then the "advanced" we are still working on….

Crafting: start with a "recipe" that has a list of needs such as: a craftying station (forge), tools (tongs and gloves), skills (level 3 sword making), consumed ingredients (ore, coal, ash, silver). Then a "process" to make it…

Crafting "Process": we are sill working this out… but we would like there to be more of a process, the process will be either simple to begin with and expand in the live game, or we will add it in our stretch goals. But '"eventually" we would like to get to at least a minecraft level of process, and perhaps mini game like actions, but we are still discussing short and long term plans for this.


Magic: Not much has been said about magic! Like crafting this system is in early planning. But, it will likely have: Consumed Reagents, words of power or Logos "Vas Flam", etc. the details of execution, TBD
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March 22nd, 2013, 19:55
Alright cool, the single-player housing was the last thing holding me back from pledging. Well that and my cheap ass greatly disliking the way limited lower pricing tiers were done. I'll be waiting to snipe the very next $25 one that opens up.
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March 22nd, 2013, 20:11
hahha, I moved up to 60 you could have had mine, these guys are great to talk to in chat. Regardless of what has come out in the last few days they are very down to earth and listen…

also put this post up if you are interested:

If you don't stand behind your troops, feel free to stand in front.
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March 22nd, 2013, 21:29
Thx for sharing, rune.
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