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June 9th, 2007, 19:56
I've lost track of the new Bioshock videos floating around, so here's ripped list of stuff from Cult of the Rapture:
1Up has a treasure trove of new BioShock footage for you, including an exclusive interview with Ken, and a look at some new Plasmids.
BioShock Special Interview
Security Bullseye
Cyclone Trap
Winter Blast
Insect Swarm
In addition to the media, Eurogamer has an interview-cum-preview:
"How can you do this to a child?!"
How could I? Oh God. But… But wasn't all this caused by her own hand? And how else can I save his family? And myself? "You're the only hope of me seeing my wife again," he says. That's not much of a choice is it? Besides, how can that thing still be called a child?
I've just harvested my first Little Sister. And it's one of the most arresting gaming moments I've experienced in a long time. Earlier this evening, Bioshock creator Ken Levine, facing the same choice, saved her.
…and then there are previews at IGN, Team Xbox, CVG and GameSpot (thanks Slashdot for a couple of these). Here's a bit from GameSpot:
Veterans of System Shock 2 will feel surprisingly at home when they take the controls of BioShock. That's because the controls, and more importantly your interface with the world of Rapture, are largely identical to those of Irrational's classic. You can pick up a bevy of helpful (and occasionally harmful) objects in the environment. You can also search every corpse, as well as many of the containers, safes, or drawers you find, for more items and currency. There's even a hacking minigame that slashes the prices on many vending machines or wins automated defenses to your side. (Only this time, it's a hydromechanical setup that requires you to fit pieces of piping together to route water from points A to B.) And of course, you'll quickly find yourself in possession of more genetic powers than the electrobolt: We picked up flamethrowing and telekinetic abilities just in the first few areas of the game. You'll only get to carry a couple of abilities at a time, so choosing your best powers at a machine called the gene bank will become a large part of strategizing for future encounters.
…and adding 1Up (with a spoiler warning):
So while there's been a lot of talk about whether BioShock is more of a shooter or more of an RPG, it seems -- in the first few hours, at least -- to be a first-person action game that involves a lot of shooting, but involves a lot of other stuff as well.
More information.
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June 9th, 2007, 19:56
As GameSpot says: "SS3 in everything but name." I am there on Day One with this game. Ken Levine's crew do emergent gameplay better than anyone out there, and can scare the pants off even the most jaded of gamers. This one's gonna be a winna!

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