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April 20th, 2013, 18:55
Sidequesting has a small editorial on Dishonored. The author writes that the games blink ability re-introduced him to the stealth genre.
I’ve avoided stealth games ever since I played a Japanese demo of Metal Gear Solid. Not only could I not read Japanese, but I had no idea how stealth games worked. I couldn’t run around and shoot every guard in the head, and when they saw me, it was all over. I wanted to like it, but I was overwhelmed. I was frustrated.

Those emotions became familiar to me. I got excited about games like Hitman and Splinter Cell, brought them home, popped them into my console, ripped the discs out and left them at the bottom of my stack of games. I couldn’t find a stealth game I enjoyed, and I began to believe I would never. So, I quit playing them.

I had forgotten about Dishonored until it finally released.. Out of some tortuous need to see what I was missing, I watched a few videos of other people playing it. And that’s when I saw the blink ability, broke my years-long abstinence, and finally played my first stealth game.

Blink remedies my problems with the stealth genre. In some ways, Batman: Arkham Asylum did it with Batman’s ability to grapple to gargoyles near the ceiling, but blink isn’t tied to specific rooms, and it not only allows vertical movement but horizontal too. It ignores the confinement of stealth games, speeds up the laborious process of sneaking, and gives me options when I’m caught.

Thanks to Dishonored and blink, I’ve been able to overcome the barriers of a genre I’ve wanted to love for a long time.
More information.
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April 20th, 2013, 18:55
I agree with this.

I do not have the patience for full stealth, and certainly not a game of only stealth. Alpha Protocol, Batman Arkham Asylum, Dishonoured, and other games have helped me enjoy stealth whereas Hitman was really not interesting to me.
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April 20th, 2013, 19:14
Off topic - but the new Dishonored DLC is actually pretty good. Same gorgeous art direction, awesomely designed levels and (gasp) a story that works (for a DLC). In fact there's probably more lore lying around in Knife of Dunwall than in the main game. It's a little on the short side, given that one of the three levels is recycled from the main campaign. Blink has been made less frustrating with added (mana free) timestop to give you more time to 'battle' that annoying and unwieldy reticule that tended to drop you to your death from some random point in mid air…
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April 20th, 2013, 21:53
Still waiting for the main game to drop from $60. I have seen the price dip a few times but I'll wait to pick up a complete version in the future (for a lot less) - have way to much stuff to play as it is. $60 is a lot to pay for a game now, given that our currency has plummeted in the last few months. Steam games are bad news for us - local importers get better (lower-cost) deals for us locals on boxed games, although often with a bit of a later release date; Steam simply charges full standard dollar rate - generally a lot more. Unless I really (really) want a game at release, I always wait for a sale which makes it cheaper to buy from Steam than local suppliers. My current market sell point for Dishonored is $30…guess it will be a long wait ;-)
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April 20th, 2013, 23:38
Meh. I'll wait for the inevitable goty edition. The game seems right up my alley, because i'm a huge fan of both Arkane's previous games and Thief fan missions (several former high profile Thief fan mission makers are employed at Arkane). However, Bethesda has literally made a deal with the devil in my region (They have chosen 1C as their publishing partner), so the hoops one has to go through to play some of their games at launch legally here are just mindboggling. They sometimes launch them on steam several months later, than elsewhere; allow you to buy only a shitty eastern european regional version, but not actually play it, because we're actually in EU; don't release some dlc at all and delay others for months etc. Disgusting. So, i only buy bundled and complete editions of their games.
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