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Default Wasteland 2 - Update #28, In the Wasteland, it's all "Self-Defense"

April 23rd, 2013, 20:10
Wastelands 2 has another update from their funded kickstarter. It's a huge update broken down in various topics.
When we exit pre-production, we have paper design for most everything, its just a matter of spending the hours, days, and weeks to build, code, and craft the levels and systems you will ultimately play. It tends to be extremely time intensive, but it is one of the most exciting times of the project as you really get a sense of the game as a whole. A few key production milestones that weve hit:
  • All 14 major areas have been blocked out with the base level geometry. And yes, this is revealing we will have 14 major areas.
  • We have maps loading (from scene to scene) so weve stitched together all areas to form a cohesive flow.
  • 95% of all conversation encounters are placed and working. That means you can talk to just about everyone and go through their various states of reactivity based on how you deal with the conversation.
  • Our core AI system is built and fully functional. These tools allow the designers to build, modify and tune many of the AI behaviors we need for the game (outside of special cases).
  • Our inventory system is fully functional. **We will detail this further in an update within the next month**
The next topic deals with DRM and DLC.
DRM-Free Release

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our plans for DRM-free releases moving forward. To clarify, we are offering the game on as many digital distributors as is viable. Currently we are confirmed on Steam, Origin, and GOG. The Steam and Origin versions will work just like any other games on those services and will not have any additional DRM. The GOG version will be DRM free. We will look at more digital retailers including other DRM-free ones (such as Desura) as we get closer to release. As well, we wont require you to be online to play the game.

We are not currently actively planning any DLC or expansion, since were fully focused on delivering our promises with Wasteland 2. Its not out of the question, but we have made a commitment to 65,000+ people to deliver a fully-complete, bad-ass successor to Wasteland and thats all were concerned with right now. Once the game is released and we can take a deep breath, well evaluate the next best steps for the game and our fans.
The update also features an introduction to Wasteland 2's weapon design by inXile's combat designer, Devin Morrow.
Hello everyone my name is Devin Morrow and I am a combat designer here at inXile Entertainment. I have been asked by the powers that be (read: Chris Keenan, our production director) to introduce myself as well as provide to you, our generous fans and backers, a little insight into our current weapons design progress and philosophy.
This is my first time, so please be gentle.
In the original Wasteland and many other RPGs, there is a clear weapon progression. As you worked your way through the game, weapons like the handgun became less effective in favor of the larger weapons. While this makes some sense it does limit the ability of a player to choose their favorite weapon type for thematic or role playing purposes.
Its hard to play the part of a wasteland gunslinger when you had to ditch your trusty M1911A1 pistol for an AK-97 because the damage just wasnt cutting it anymore. In Wasteland 2, we want to give back a little more control to the player over how their characters are built and how they progress. This is something we have heard the community echo many times in conversation and on the forums, so its nice to know we are on the right track.
More information.
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April 23rd, 2013, 20:11
Good stuff. Sounds like they're making lots of progress.
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