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July 2nd, 2013, 15:13
Swen has a new blog update up and it's a doozy. Very long and meandering. Overall, a positive and fun read for a guy who's likely been losing the rest of his hair this year Alas, there's some bad news mixed in there as well for people such as myself who are interested in the retail edition of Dragon Commander.

I like this multiplayer beta thing. It’s the first time we did one like this and obviously we already made a couple of mistakes, but we’re learning a lot from it and I’ve faith that in the one month that seperates us from release, we’ll manage to implement a lot of improvements based on the feedback we’re getting.

Obviously, there’s quite a few things we should remember from the bad ideas department.

One particular gem was launching without a proper tutorial and giving players access to only one game mode i.e. the one they’d usually try once they finished the single player campaign because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to them i.e. multiplayer skirmish with plenty of stuff unlocked that players have no clue what to do with because nobody explained it to them.

Another was not telling people that the beta would initially be multiplayer only. This obviously got us flak from those that thought it’d include the single player campaign (for the record: it should eventually include a small part of the single player campaign).
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General RPG » Swen Vincke blog: Crunch Mode!
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