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Default Circle of Eight Modpack 7.80 Released

May 1st, 2013, 10:50
Edit 2: This modpack is for Temple of Elemental Evil
Edit: Minor correction - the version number is 7.8.0

Apparently this was out 2 days ago. More info here:


Corrected Garl Glittergold's domains to Good, Protection, and Trickery.
Fixed cost and max dexterity bonus and arcane spell failure stats for Masterwork Marauder Armor.
Made it so that Amulets of Mighty Fists and Amulets of Natural Armor don't stack in inventory.
Fixed club and masterwork club weapon range long descriptions.
Added long descriptions for heavy saber and masterwork heavy saber.
Added armor proficiency information to long descriptions for Bone, Troll Bone, and Mithral Plate armor.
Fixed armor proficiency error in Barbarian Armor long description.
Fixed critical range long description for light crossbow.
Added proper spell and level crafting limitations to Wand of good Hope.
Added Wand of Longstrider Wand of Ray of Clumsiness, and Wand of Rage to craftable items list.
Made scrolls of Owl's Wisdom, True Seeing, Undeath to Death, and Greater Dispel Magic scribable by wizards, as per RAW.
Fixed item creation name for Scroll of Dominate Monster (formerly Scroll of Suggestion).
Added scrolls of Gentle Repose, Extraplanar Chest, Summon Monster VI, Summon Monster VII, Summon Monster VIII, Summon Monster IX, Circle of Death, Greater Dispel Magic, Eyebite, Undeath to Death, Mass Hold Person, Insanity, Power Word Blind, Mass Charm Monster, Horrid Wilting, Polar Ray, Power Word Stun, Mass Hold Monster, Power Word Kill, Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Summon Natures Ally VI, Summon Natures Ally VII, Summon Natures Ally VIII, Summon Natures Ally IX, Harm, Heroes' Feast, Blasphemy, Holy Word, Miracle, Warp Wood, Greater Command, Inflict Minor Wounds, Dispel Fire, Glibness, and Mass Cure Serious Wounds as scribable scrolls.
Added scrolls of Reincarnate and Negative Energy Protection and made them scribable.
Removed all craftable item descriptions from crafting interface to avoid text overflow.
Raised caster level for crafting Vest of Escape from 4 to 7 to compensate for item adding Freedom of Movement ability without requiring same spell.
Improved function of Lesser Restoration spell when cast from an item allowing no radial menu selection so that it looks for a damaged ability and restores it when found rather than randomly selecting one which may not be damaged.
Tweaked mystic garb as follows: touched up inventory icons, added yellow, orange, and purple versions, replaced dwarf and half-orc female red mystic garb with correct colors, replaced awful male mystic garb with more colorful versions, fixed issue with missing male versions of black and white, brightened teal, pink, red, blue, and green versions.
Fixed mesh bug with gold plumed helm and various wizard hats.
Fixed bug where black longcoat would not display chest mesh for some races.
Upgraded meshes and inventory icons for Druid Vestments, Robe of Blending, and Robes of the Archmagi.
Made custom inventory icon for Helm of Midnight.
Added custom inventory icons for Hands of Death, Electricity, Fire, Ice, and Life.
Changed Battleaxe + 1 icon from single axe to magic battleaxe.
Touched up portraits for: Hommlet man, Hommlet woman, Burne, Rufus, Elmo, Fillikin, Spugnoir, Turuko, Lisbeth Borton, brigand, guardsman, Ploceus, Sunom, Preston Wetz, Skole, Rentsch, Romag, Belsornig, Wonnilon, elf prisoners, Countess Tillahi, Wicked, Antonio, Tubal, hill giant, Kella, Falrinth, Jenna, Tinafer, Feldrin, Iuz, sea hag, groaning spirit, brigands, Skole's goon, caravan bandit, elven noble, elven retainer, Ikian, Non, Neukoln, Earth Temple lieutenant, Nulb man, Nulb woman, and Mona.
Replaced portraits for: Hommlet laborer, Grud Squinteye, Anom, Princess Tillahi couriers, brigand lieutenant, generic wizard, generic witch, Dex, Burne's assistant, Otis' assistant, Canon Ramses, half-orc witch, Lord Krunch, Lord Hungous, Pelor cleric, dwarven bodyguard, dwarven jewel merchant, Corporal Holly, Robin, Robin's archers, Robin's rogues, Robin's fighters, Friar Tack, Wakefield, Hextor fighters, Ganna, celestial dire bear, celestial owl, dire bear, fiendish hawk, fiendish raven, avoral, bebelith, celestial bison, celestial eagle, celestial giant eagle, celestial giant owl, celestial roc, djinni, eagle, giant eagle, hell hound, hound archon, night hag, owl, giant owl, roc, shadow mastiff, yeth hound, bearded devil, Uncle Orrengaard, Master of the Arena, drow ranger, St. Cuthbert cleric, Screng's assistant, undead wizards, skeleteon priest, skeleton guard, hired thugs, enchantress, thug leader, Zuggtmoy priest, dying woman, kobold, kobold sergeant, Verbobonc guard, Hextor cleric, Hextor mage, forest tyrant, river tyrant, swamp tyrant, Hextor priest, Hextor cleric, Hextor monk, Verbobonc mage, Bathsheba, Samson, Goliath, Canon Thaddeus, Narwell Guard, private guard, Narwell archer, mohrg, Ivy, William, Gnarley Forest witch, Moathouse witch, Ronald, Carl, Dame Nelly, gnome guard, Prince Zook, Darlia, Gregor, Victor, Jylee, Verbobonc man, Lerrik, Verbobonc woman, Verbobonc boy, Verbobonc girl, Maurice, Hextor priest, Wilfrick, Hextor cleric, night watchman, drow matriarch, Lord Ruff, slave boys, slave girls, Captain Abiram, Captain Achan, Verbobonc laborer, Captain Absalom, Captain Achan, Bella, attorney, Gunter Gladstone, Kendrew Commonworth, Quintus Corpus, Rastes, Simon, Jesus Staccatori, Aerich Dragonsbane, Cyn, Rothbert, Becka, Panathaes, Rakham, Boroquin, wizard zombie, and Lady Asherah.
Temporarily removed area description boxes as a jerkstop testing measure.
Added craftable Cloaks of Resistance +1 through +5 in black, green, red, white, blue, fur, orange, and violet.
Added craftable Cloaks of Arachnida in black, red, and spiral pattern.
Added craftable Cloaks of Charisma in white, black, blue, and stars pattern.
Added craftable Cloaks of Elvenkind in black, green, and fur.
Added craftable Mantles of Spell Resistance in black, blue, violet, and stars pattern.
Added craftable Capes of the Mountebank in black, blue, and green.
Added gold breastplate, gold plate gloves, and gold plate boots.
Added five types of boots: buccaneer, fine leather, green leather, combat, and white leather.
Added major rings of enchanting, creating, abjuring, divining, evocating, illusing, transmuting, necromancing, summoning, and protecting.
Added quickflame, quickfrost, quickscald, quickspark, and positoxin alchemical capsules.
Added dsitilled alcohol, quicksilver, spore no more, and ooze you lose trade items.

Made it so that Kenter Nevets won't recommend Rannos and Gremag for equipment if they are dead or have escaped.
Tweaked Kenter Nevets' dialogue re: the Moathouse and quest issuance.
Fixed issue with Jaroo issuing and completing Clear the Moathouse quest.
Fixed Rufus' unmet decription being 'Wizard.'
Fixed issue with Amii not appearing for her quest.

Rehabilitated Nulb exterior night map art.
Made it so that Mother Screng/Canoness y'Dey will be favorable toward lawful neutral parties as well as good parties.

Fixed bug with shadow stuck in the wall on Temple level 3.
Fixed issues with Belsornig and Kelno not moving for Reactive Temple.

Upgraded Moathouse Respawn difficulty and moved to Verbobonc chapter.
Added Blaspheme, Wight, Blood Amniote, Hulking Corpse, Atropal Scion, and Nightwalker.
Upgraded Mohrg.

Moved Verbobonc worldmap landing point closer to signpost.
Fixed bug where Lords and Ladies quest would not complete in some scenarios.
Added Alchemist NPC and shop.
Added Richard Blade NPC and Liberty Emporium shop.
Added Heather NPC and Bear Essentials shop.
Added Veenah Glavrol NPC and Veenah's Fashion shop.

Upgraded Hextor soldiers and archers.
Randomized hextor fighters and soldiers' armor.
Last edited by Dr. A; May 1st, 2013 at 18:48.
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May 1st, 2013, 11:28
Is this game patchings taking the same road Vampires Bloodlines did ?
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May 1st, 2013, 14:05
in a way yes. NC, referring to new content, provides custom quests, equipments, etc.

But more importantly, the modpack has countless fixes for spells and gamebreaking bugs.
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May 1st, 2013, 18:39
Might be worth mentioning what game this is for, since not everyone knows of the Circle of Eight. (Temple of Elemental Evil, for those who don't know.)

I might have to give ToEE another whirl one of these days.
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May 1st, 2013, 18:47
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
Might be worth mentioning what game this is for, since not everyone knows of the Circle of Eight. (Temple of Elemental Evil, for those who don't know.)

I might have to give ToEE another whirl one of these days.
Ooops, good point! Will amend my first post, thanks for the tip.
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May 1st, 2013, 20:11
Wow! That's a lot of content, especially for such an old game. Good on the Co8!
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May 2nd, 2013, 00:08
Sounds like time for a replay. Easily the best translation of dnd combat to a computer game IMO.
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