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May 10th, 2013, 04:52
Modder trancemaster has released a new version of his Morrowind Rebirth mod for Morrowind. Those interested can download the mod from here.

And here is the complete changelog for this latest version of Morrowind Rebirth:
Rebirth Fixes

* Rebalanced the lengths’ (again) of the spears. The reach of the spears should differ depending on the length of the spear (in-game mesh size), something which I didn’t take into account the last time.
* Dren Plantation fixes. A tree were floating, an overhang were clipping through the wall and a lamp pole and its lantern hung in mid air.
* Golam Urellas’s and Fairne’s shacks’ had the wrong script attached to the doors, making it impossible to enter either of them.
* The door Chun-Ook (The big ship in Ebonheart) had the wrong teleport marker (took you to the Ashlands).
* Changed “Jhamondile Dremon’s home” to “Jhamondile Dremon’s House”, also fixed some floaters inside.
* Somehow I managed to remove the travel-markers for the Slave Market in Suran, all fixed now.
* Moved the travel-marker outside Vivec, it displayed “Ascadian Isles” instead of “Vivec”.
* “Scourge”, a Daedric Battle Axe were restored. Enchantment/Model was missing.
* Llaala Girendal & Rleno Medan, Ald-ruhn Temple had no assigned head meshes.
* Jhamondile Dremon, a imperial In Caldera were incorrectly set as a trader.
* Fixed a typo which made it super-expensive to use the MG travel-service.
* Several fixes and improvements to the Imperial Legion Barracks, Caldera.
* The Black Goblet in Suran had the wrong script attached to the doors.
* Reduced the cost for elemental shields (nerf from previous change).
* Tarvyn Faren, a dumner at Vivec Entrance had duplicate records.
* Corrected a missplaced door on top of Lighthouse in Ebonheart.
* Removed Skooma bottles and Nordic Mead from Shenk’s Shovel.
* Silver Katana was changed from Two-Handed to One-Handed.
* Fixed the ground at the entrance of the “Eight Plates”.
* Added ownership to all lanterns in Caldera/Pelagiad.
* Dwemer weapons are no longer refered as “Dwarven”.
* Removed some script fixes (not needed due to MPP).
* Fixed a typo in “Drunk Dumner”, to “Drunk Dunmer”.
* “Templar Shield” to “Imperial Templar Shield”.
* Fixed a floating doorframe in Shenk’s Shovel.
* Anti-cloned the Buoyant Armigers’, Ghostgate.
* Removed 2 missplaced doors, Ald-ruhn Temple.

Rebirth Additions
* A major overhaul for Ebonheart. The inner courtyard have been redesign along with better visuals for the main plaza.
* Better sorting for some misc items. Example: Wooden items have “Wooden” prefix, “Wooden Bowl”, Silverware items have “Silverware” prefix, “Silverware Knife” etc.
* A minor overhaul for Balmora. Removed a massive amount of rocks around Balmora to make it more fps friendly.
* A minor overhaul for Seyda Neen. Mainly landscape improvements.
* Anti-cloned Imperial Guards (most of them anyway).
* Better name-prefixes for potions.
More information.
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May 10th, 2013, 04:52
Havent played this in years, is now the time to play it with this and the graphics over haul?
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May 10th, 2013, 10:08
There seem to be lots of different Morrowind projects going on at the same time. In addition to this, there is a team implementing Morrowind as a mod in Skyrim, another doing the same thing by modding Oblivion and I think there is yet another team implementing a completely new game engine for Morrowind from scratch.
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