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Default BioWare - Why Mass Effect Only Had Humanoid Squadmates

May 11th, 2013, 08:07
OXM has an interview with Bioware, and asked why every character in MassEffect is Humanoid. Simple answer time and money.
"In Mass Effect 3 we had a moment where the player took on the role of Joker during the Normandy assault," Everman recalled.

"Similarly, we'd planned on having the player take on the role of a Quarian scientist before Tali's loyalty quest, and a colonist on Horizon during the Collector attack. It was a bit controversial to not be Shepard, and we thought it better to put the development energy into other places."

"Yeah, we always start with some fairly radical ideas when we're putting together a level or gameplay sequence," Gamble elaborated. "For many of these, what you see in the end product is a result of constant iteration and transformation of these ideas.

"In certain circumstances, we like to explore some of these ideas more in DLC. The car chase mission, in Lair of the Shadow Brokers, was something new that we'd wanted to try for some time, and found a perfect venue for it in that DLC."
BioWare once gave serious thought to adding a non-humanoid squadmate, but eventually decided that the effort involved would detract from the rest of the game.

"We knew some races would figure prominently in the storyline," Hudson explained. "So they had to function like the human characters, be able to carry a gun, etc. But we also wanted a sense of "other aliens" around the periphery - species that may eventually play a major role but are really there to suggest that there's an exotic universe out there.

"For Mass Effect we developed a set of additional aliens, that would mainly be featured in the Citadel. Each developed a bit of a following, so over the series we found ways to make them play more important roles."

"All party members needed to use a humanoid skeleton," Everman added. "If we'd ever tried to use a non-humanoid, the cost would have been huge. Instead, we took all the development effort that we could have put towards an odd squad mate and made a larger, more polished game."
More information.
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May 11th, 2013, 08:07
At least we have honesty here.

"We only made red/green/blue skinned humans as aliens because we wanted to focus all our time on the pew pew shooty bits".

It still surprises me that this - now full on, up against the wall - Gears of War clone was rpgwatch's GOTY.
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